Live in the Ecohouse

Resident Application and Guidelines

Application & Deadline:

Applications for residing in the OHIO Ecohouse will be accepted on a rolling basis as early as 18 months in advance of move-in. Therefore, please note that applications will be reviewed as they are received, so earlier submissions are encouraged for full consideration.

Applicants do not need any prior experience in sustainability, not do they need to be enrolled in a related major; they must simply be interested in learning about sustainable living practices. Applicants will be selected based on their academic standing, interest in learning about sustainability and ability to cohabitate with other individuals. Individuals and groups (up to 3) may apply to live in the house.

Applications must be completed online.

The online application asks for the following:

  1. Applicant's name, year in school, contact information and verification of eligibility for off-campus residency
  2. A 500-1,000 word essay stating why the candidate would like to live in the OHIO Ecohouse and how their skills would positive contribute to the living environment.

*If applicants wish to be accepted as a group, each individual applicant must complete an application. At the end of your essay, merely include the names of your co-applicants.

Interested and eligible students must complete the short online application and agree to sign a lease. A balance of three graduate, undergraduate, male and female students will share the living space. The monthly rent for each room is $450 (includes utilities except internet/cable tv). Note: This rate is subject to change. Candidates selected for Ecohouse residency will be notified of any lease changes prior to signing a lease.


  • Students must be eligible to live off campus by having either 90 credit hours, 4 semesters in on-campus residency, or be eligible for a standard exemption.
    • Graduate students and Undergraduate students are both welcome to apply.
  • All applicants must commit to upholding the residential expectation as in any other University owned residence. Please refer to University Housing ( for more information regarding expectations.
  • Completed online application.
  • Agree to all terms and conditions of the lease and student lifestyle guidelines.

Additional Expectations:

  • Upon Move-In, residents will complete a "Move-In Checklist" to catalog house conditions.
  • Residents will enroll in a one-credit seminar each semester that will require weekly one-hour meetings for the duration of the academic year.
    • This seminar will require that residents complete sustainability-themed projects, engage in discussions, read articles when appropriate, prepare presentations and complete a final take-home exam each semester.  Project documentation should be made accessible to future Ecohouse students.
  • Residents will work with the Office of Sustainability to accomodate Ecohouse tours.
  • Residents will serve hosts to the Ecohouse Thanksgiving event and open house/community events as needed.
  • Residents will work with the Office of Sustainability to report any health, safety or maintenance concerns so as to ensure a safe living and learning environmental for Ecohouse residents and guests.

OHIO Ecohouse Student Lifestyle Guidelines:

  • Residents will follow Ohio University Student Code of Conduct.
  • Residents will minimize consumption, refraining from accumulating unnecessary products.
  • Residents will work to minimize waste, using durable goods in place of disposables and reusing materials whenever possible.
  • Residents will sort the waste that is generated appropriately, emphasizing recycling and composting.
  • Residents will work to increase self-sufficiency by growing/harvesting food. The Ecohouse garden will serve as a Campus Community Garden space for Ohio University students, faculty and staff. Ecohouse residents will be given priority placement in plot assignments and are asked to engage in work days with volunteers who assist in maintenance of the grounds.
  • Residents will come to a consensus between themselves before planting new crops or making landscaping changes. All proposed landscape changes must be approved by the Director of Sustainability.
  • Residents will buy local first, especially food, and consider lifestyle costs in all purchases.
  • Residents will engage in "natural cleaning" practices. They will emphasize the use of no- to low-impact chemicals and, whenever possible, will avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals altogether.
  • Residents will maintain and agreed upon, equitable division and distribution of labor.
  • Residents will keep a written record of all home improvement projects and their results.
  • Residents will maintain an appropriate exterior house presentation. Interior furniture should remain indoors. The Office of Sustainability will serve as an authority to residents regarding appropriate appearance.
  • Residents will not litter and will maintain a litter free property.
  • Residents will maintain cleanliness and organization of their belongings to accommodate tours.
  • Residents will use low impact transportation whenever possible, such as taking public transportation, carpooling, biking or walking.
  • Residents will appropriately conserve and recycle resources such as water, electricity, heat, space and goods. This means reducing resources both directly and indirectly. The residents will work to generate ideas and procedures to increase self-sufficiency with respect to resource use.
  • Upon moving out of the Ecohouse, residents are expected to completely empty the home of personal belongings and complete a "Move-Out Checklist" with the Office of Sustainability.

Questions should be directed to: Sam Crowl, Associate Director of Sustainability –

Interested and eligible applicants are invited to participate in a tour of the house.

For more information, contact us at