Boyd Scholars and Advisory members at an OHIO event
Margaret Boyd Scholars Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

Dean of Students
Kathy Fahl

Office of the Dean of Students

I love the opportunity to connect with students and support them in their educational journey. Watching a first-year student come into the program and then see them walk across the stage at Commencement is exciting. So much has happened in between those two points and the support of the MBSP can make a big difference.

Director, Women's Center 
Chris Fowler, Ph.D. 

403 Baker University Center 
Division of Diversity and Inclusion 

I'm involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I have seen "women and non-binary spaces" help to provide a supportive place for students to thrive.  The program helps students foster a sense of self, grow leadership skills, develop intellectual curiosity, and work toward empowering others.

Associate Professor, Middle Childhood Education 
Lisa M. Harrison, Ph.D.  


I'm involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I personally know the value and want to be a part of a learning community uniquely designed to support the intellectual, creative, and leadership development of undergraduate women. 

Special Collections Librarian for Rare Books 
Miriam Intrator, Ph.D., MSLS 


I’m involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I believe in helping to empower and educate young women and to provide them with opportunities and encouragement that may otherwise be hard to come by, and because I’m constantly learning from and inspired by every woman who is involved in the Program. 

Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development & Inclusion
Tia Jameson

Tia is a proud two-time graduate of Ohio University that is honored to be back on campus working with student-athletes and students from various student organizations. She is currently the Assistant Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Development and Inclusion. Having been a student-athlete at Ohio she has a true passion to see the program flourish. Her passion is helping and uplifting the people around her and enjoys making impactful connections in the community and on campus. One of her mottos is Empowered Women Empower Women. So she is excited to work with the MBScholars. 

Professor of History 
Katherine Jellison


I’m involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I believe part of my mission as an educator is to assist young women in empowering themselves and succeeding in their chosen pursuits.

Assistant Dean of Career & Student Success, College of Business
Melissa Kulp Ph.D.

Dr. Melissa (Mel) Kulp is the Assistant Dean of Career & Student Success in the College of Business at Ohio University. She began her career in education as a teacher but transitioned into higher education in 2014. She has degrees from Miami University, Boston University, and the University at Buffalo, and her doctorate in higher education administration from the University of South Florida. She is passionate about building strong and clear connections between academic advising and career coaching to increase students’ decision-making abilities around choosing majors and ultimately career paths. Mel teaches multiple courses within the College of Business and loves getting to know her students so she can best help them navigate college and discover their career aspirations.

In her spare time, Mel is a lover of sports, the outdoors, and her family (which includes two English Bulldogs).

Assistant Director, Women's Center
Letitia Price, Ed.D

I am engaged with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I value fostering a profound sense of belonging and participating in a collective endeavor that champions growth and empowerment in gender equity.

Associate Dean & Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Nukhet Sandal

Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences
Professor of Political Science

I am originally from Turkey and came to the U.S. 20 years ago as an international student. I am very excited to be part of the Margaret Boyd Scholars community. It is an inclusive space where women can learn from and celebrate each other’s experiences and grow together. 

Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Nancy Sandler , Ph.D. 

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy  
Member of the Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute

I am involved with the MBSP because I want to contribute to the education and empowerment of young women, using my professional experience as a woman physicist. My interactions with Boyd students, exciting and thought-provoking, bring new perspectives to my role as a female science faculty. Moreover, participation in the board opens a window to the rich academic environment of Ohio University and allows me to collaborate with talented professionals from diverse disciplines. 

Audience and Donor Data Manager at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY 
Ami Scherson, B.A.

Audience and Donor Data Manager at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY 
Alumna MBSP, 2019 

The Margaret Boyd Scholars Program provides young woman foundational and inspiring opportunities for personal and professional growth.  As an alumna of the program that was impacted firsthand, I am thrilled to continue the legacy of impact MBSP has on students at Ohio University.

Scientist 1
Rita Sharma Ph.D.

I am part of the Margaret Boyd Scholar Program. I firmly believe that educating and empowering women from diverse backgrounds will create leaders and innovators. Women empowerment will fuel to strengthen the next generation of younger women and contribute to build a better, stronger community and a great nation. As a researcher, I am delighted to do my part by teaching, training, and empowering woman in the field of biomedical sciences. I envision young women thriving and excelling in diverse fields of science.

Professor of English 
Carey Snyder Ph.D. 

Ellis Hall, Room 353D 

I'm involved with the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program because I enjoy helping to foster, and being part of, a supportive women’s community. I believe the program helps young women to thrive—and to see themselves as part of a long history of women striving to overcome whatever obstacles are in their way.