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Trans and Gender Inclusive Resources

  • Gender Inclusive Housing at Ohio University
  • Trans Inclusive Health care for Students:  In 2013, Student Senate issued a change to the Student Health Plan; the health plan will now include trans-related health care services such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and gender-affirming surgeries. To learn more about this new policy and practice, contact the LGBT Center ( or Campus Care (740-593-1660) to learn more. 
    • Students can request anytime during their visit to Campus Care for staff and providers to use their preferred name. The students preferred name will be noted in their medical record. Unfortunately, in order to bill the visit properly, the students legal name must continue to be listed. Should the student legally change their name, Campus Care will no longer used a preferred name field but instead change all demographic fields so that their previous name no longer displays.
  • Trans Inclusive Health care for Employees was adopted in 2016
  • Individual changing / shower space in Aquatic Center 
  • Trans students can request private changing area in Ping Fitness Center
  • Preferred Name and Pronoun Policy
  • Check out our Trans Resource Guide [PDF]:  it was created by OHIO students for folks across the spectrum of trans identities and contains information and resources for navigating the trans experience and journey.
  • Spectrum ~ Gender Variant-Transgender-Gender Queer Support Group:  Creating a safe place for individuals, both student and non-student, wanting to explore and discuss their gender identity ranging from questioning to gender queer to those who need practical help and support in changing their name, seeking medical treatment, communicating with family members, and adjusting to the change in their gender identity on campus and elsewhere can benefit from this support group. This is a support group offered through Counseling & Psychological Services. Contact Michelle Pride or Justin Wheeler at (740) 593-1616 to express interest and learn more.

Single Occupancy Restrooms

Working closely with campus partners, the LGBT Center has worked to make restrooms on campus more accessible to transgender, gender variant, and gender non-conforming students, faculty and staff, as well as others who wish to use a single user restroom such as families and individuals with different medical needs. There are currently over 30 restrooms on campus that are not gender specific. With ongoing construction and renovations on Athens Campus, the university is committed to ensuring that all buildings have at least one gender inclusive and accessible restroom.

  • Center staff have input information on single-user restrooms on campus and in the wider community through the website and app Refuge Restrooms. You can access this list by downloading the app or visiting the website (search for Athens, OH or 45701). We encourage you to contact the LGBT Center if you know of restrooms not listed so that we can update the listing (or you can input yourself).