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About the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility

To understand your rights and responsibilities as a student at Ohio University, please read the Student Code of Conduct. As a student, you will be held to these standards.

The Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility is one of thirteen departments in Ohio University's Division of Student Affairs. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the learning environment of Ohio University by upholding its standards for student conduct. The Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility administers the "Ohio University Student Code of Conduct" with three goals in mind:

  • To apply community standards for conduct consistently and equitably.

  • To administer hearing procedures that afford due process, that are just, and that balance the rights of accused and complaining parties.

  • To provide opportunities for growth and development for offending students.

The Ohio University Student Code of Conduct is rooted in the philosophy of educational discipline. The student conduct process is a learning experience that spans a continuum -- beginning with understanding community expectations to being confronted for behaviors not in keeping with these expectations through the formal adjudication of alleged violations and, finally, through delivery and completion of sanctions as warranted. The university makes an effort to educate students and student organizations found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct through a sanction while remaining at the university. However, when a student or student organization is assessed to be a danger to the university community or reputation of the university, or when a repetition of misconduct is likely to occur, the student or student organization will be treated the same as one who has failed academically and may be separated from the university

Throughout Ohio University's student conduct process, due process protections are provided. Ohio University not only meets but exceeds due process protections required by law. Ohio University provides:

  • An established code of conduct that details Ohio University's expectations for student conduct.

  • Written notice of charges when students are accused of violating Ohio University's policies.

  • A procedural interview during which charges, evidence, rights and options are discussed with students or student organizations accused of misconduct.

  • A hearing for a further exploration of the facts and circumstances of the case in the event that the accused denies the charge.

  • An established standard of proof: preponderance of evidence.

  • Two levels of appeal.

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