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Social and Public Health



The Department of Social and Public Health is where personal passion meets public good. Our department addresses the health and social service needs of the entire population, making an impact for generations to come. If you want to help meet the world’s biggest challenges in healthcare and social services, the Department of Social and Public Health is where you can maximize your societal contribution.

You will be employing critical thinking skills to address important public needs and problems, no matter your program area or discipline. Whether you are contributing to safer workplaces, helping families grow stronger, improving the environment or the health status of populations, your contributions to the public good are valued and vital. We hope that you will become an advocate for the people who need a champion the most—the very young, the elderly and all underserved populations at the margins of society.

Whatever your passion and interest, we are ready to help you achieve your career goals. If you are ready to learn, and have a true conviction to make a difference, your future contributions and accomplishments are limitless. So, explore the Department of Social and Public Health and let us know if we can provide you with any additional information. We look forward to meeting you!

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Ohio Heroin Epidemic Awareness Day addresses an issue with widespread reach

Chloe Hall and her family know the extent to which heroin can alter lives. Hall’s sister Arika, a recovering heroin addict, went missing from Canton in February. Her whereabouts are still a mystery.Hall’s roommate Emily Quinn was inspired to use a class project in her Health Sciences Lifestyle Choices class as an opportunity to bring awareness to the heroin epidemic that struck the family of her roommate. Quinn, a sophomore studying business, marketing and graphic design, is now just one of about 160 people who have been working to make Ohio Heroin Epidemic Awareness Day a reality. Read More

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