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Stander Successfully Implemented in Botswana

Botswana Stander

Three OHIO Physical Therapy students recently returned from the annual service trip to Botswana, with Janice Howman, director of Clinical Education, and several speech and audiology students and faculty participating.

Shandra Hamilton ’18 explained the new standing frame project and their experience in Botswana:

“Janice Howman initially developed the Standing Frame project after it was noted during past trips that there were children in Botswana who would benefit from the standing frame, but the thought of purchasing a one was not feasible due to cost. With the help of OHIO senior mechanical engineering students, we were able to bring this dream to life,” she said.

"The engineering students developed a standing frame made completely of easily affordable and accessible materials to families in Botswana. Fully constructed, the frame cost $150 compared to the typical $5,000-plus. The standing frame was shipped to Botswana and was donated to Ambrose Academy, a school for children with special needs,” Hamilton continued. 

According to Hamilton, once in Botswana, she, Makayla Conley ‘(18) and Mike Holmes (’18) assembled the standing frame and began to use in during interprofessional screenings with children. Hamilton also instructed teachers on how to set up and use the stander with children. 

At times it can be difficult for children and adults in Botswana to receive the medical equipment that they may need. This piece of equipment will greatly impact a child’s ability to stand, their neuromuscular tone, and musculoskeletal alignment amongst other things, Hamilton said. 

"Not only have we been able to supply them with a fully functional standing frame, but also we provided them with the design plans and instructions so that they can build a standing frame on their own. Ultimately, this project will allow many children who have been unable to stand the opportunity to do so.”

She added, "We are helping to continue to pave the way for inclusion of children with special needs into their society and provide them with a life similar to their peers. For the future, our hope is to be able to work with a family to build a standing frame and track their use and child’s progress after using the frame. We hope to be able to continue this during future trips to Botswana.”


Quad Rugby 2017: Battle the Blitz!

Quad Rugby

Quad Rugby 2017: Battle the Blitz! will be held at Ping Recreation Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 30. This event involves students, faculty, alumni and community members competing against members of the Buckeye Blitz, a semi-professional quad rugby team based out of Columbus. 

This event is the largest fundraiser of the year for the team. See the fundraiser in action and what the players have to say about it and watch a video of Quad Rugby.

The  registration form   can be mailed in to the Physical Therapy Department, Grover Center W290, Athens, OH 45701, or scanned and emailed to  Janis Carnahan . Teams of 4 or 5 players can register for $100 per team. Payment can be made either by check when mailed or through the  online  registration.