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Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy

Welcome to Ohio University’s Division of Physical Therapy. The Division of Physical Therapy is dedicated to excellence and leadership in preparing future physical therapists with the knowledge, behavior, and skills required to function within the diverse roles of the contemporary healthcare environment. We prepare students to assume leadership roles as physical therapy professionals through autonomous and evidence-based practice, altruism, integrity and ethical conduct, and social and professional responsibility. We are committed to contribution to the body of knowledge in physical therapy through the research efforts of faculty and students. We strive to enrich the community through provision of physical therapy services to those in the region.

Clinical Services

To find a physical therapist or for information about clinical services, visit the Ohio University Therapy Associates website.

Physical Therapy Residency

To learn more about our residency program, visit our website.

Interested in Research?

Click here to find out what is going on in our labs.

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