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PMSAT Program Expenses

OHIO Professional Athletic Training Program Expenses

Participation in the Program includes expenses that are not incurred by the general Ohio University student population. The Program makes every attempt to decrease associated expenses; the following is a summary of these program-specific costs:

Program Fee

A $30 per credit per semester program fee will be assessed to students. Program fees provide support for the Professional MSAT Program and assist in providing quality education for all students. Program fees are used to support the following:

  • Supplies and equipment for didactic courses and clinical education
  • Technology support, equipment, and supplies for classroom • Clothing and supplies required by clinical sites for clinical education (i.e. nametags & shirts)
  • Professional membership dues
  • Operational and administrative expenses associated with the MSAT Program

Course Fee

  • AT 5100: Orthopedic Appliance $95

Financial aid can be used to cover program fees. Without program fees, students would be required to pay numerous fees and additional expenses out of pocket. Background Check and Toxicology Screening Ohio law mandate criminal records checks for all prospective employees in positions where the individual will be caring for older adults or children. Additionally, a criminal record check and toxicology screening for all clinical students is a standard criterion in affiliation agreements with clinical training sites. Therefore, all students are required to obtain a criminal background check and toxicology screen prior to each academic year. The cost of background checks and toxicology screening is the responsibility of the student. The cost of the background check is dependent on the number of names and addresses of the student and can range from $76 to $100. Toxicology screening will cost approximately $29.

Immunization Record and Health Screening

Participation in an educational program preparing students to become healthcare practitioners may expose students and their patients to diseases. For the safety of students and patients, all students admitted to the MSAT Program must have up-to-date vaccinations and immunity. Students must be fully immunized for the following: hepatitis B, rubeola (measles), mumps, rubella, tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis, and chicken pox. Students must also have an annual influenza vaccination and tuberculosis screening. Students will utilize myRecordTracker® which costs $21 during year one and $10 each following year.

Professional Liability Insurance

Students are required to provide proof of professional liability insurance prior to the first day of classes for each academic year. For example, Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) provides athletic training students professional liability insurance at a rate of ~$38.00 per year for Ohio AT student residents. Rates will vary and will depend on several factors, including your state of residency, if you hold any additional certifications/licenses, etc. Once you have obtained coverage, a PDF copy, including the zip code of the address you used when purchasing your HSPO insurance, must be immediately emailed to the Clinical Director. Proof of current coverage must be on file throughout your enrollment in the Program. Internship sites will be provided with policy information upon request.

Contact Information:

Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO)

159 E. County Line Road Hatboro, PA 19040-1218

Phone: 1-800-982-9491


ECC Certification

Current CPR/AED certification, in accordance with BOC standards, is required for all students enrolled in the Professional MSAT Program at Ohio University. The certification must (1) be on file with the Program and (2) must remain current while enrolled in the Program. Students must possess and are responsible for maintaining a copy of their certification. Any change or new certifications must be provided to the Program.

Travel Costs

Students are required to provide their own transportation to their clinical sites. Clinical assignments vary and may occur off campus.

Housing Costs

Students are required to secure their own housing for the duration of the Program including during their immersive clinical experiences (AT 5910) which may occur a significant distance from Ohio University’s main campus.


Students are required to supply their own clothing that meets the standards of the Program. Students may be provided with clothing from their clinical sites but this is not a guarantee. Clothing must be neutral, and branding may reflect Ohio University, or the clinical site’s logo.

Health Insurance

All Ohio University students are required by university policy to have health insurance coverage at all times while enrolled. At the time of registration for classes, students are automatically enrolled in and charged for health insurance unless they specifically opt out. Any and all expenses resulting from an injury or illness that occurs during clinical education/experience will be the financial responsibility of the student.