Ohio University Sample MSN-PMHNP Calendar

Curriculum Details

40 total credits required

Subject to change.

A sample program of study for an MSN-PMHNP student is listed below. This is being offered for consideration only and is subject to change. Students will receive a finalized program of study once they start their program or after a discussion with the School of Nursing. All clinical/practicum hours for each clinical/practicum course must be completed by the end of the 15-week semester.


NRSE 7810 Leadership, Role and Collaboration (3 credits)

Examines social, political, and historical factors that impact the delivery of healthcare and the development of the advanced practice nursing role. Emphasizes principles of leadership, interprofessional collaboration, ethics, and communication within various healthcare systems.

NRSE 7210 Advanced Pathophysiology in Nursing Practice (3 credits)

Focuses on integrating knowledge of advanced physiology with pathophysiology and clinical implications across the life span. Includes analysis of health disparities and outcomes resulting from genetic, environment and stress related causes. Emphasis on systems-focused mechanisms of disease.

NRSE 7001 Professional Presence (1 credit)

Focuses on professional presence for the advanced practice and advanced-level nurse. Emphasis is on concepts of professionalism, advanced communication and inclusive language, scholarly and professional writing, and professional presence in the dissemination of knowledge and scholarship.


NRSE 7811 Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits)

Examines scholarship of nursing through research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement frameworks. Focuses on critical appraisal, synthesis, and evaluation of literature to inform evidence-based practice.

NRSE 7220 Advanced Pharmacology (3 credits)

Focuses on pharmacotherapeutics across the lifespan with emphasis on clinical decision making by advanced practice nurses. Laws governing prescriptive authority and privileges of advanced practice nurses are addressed. Emphasis on prescriptive decisions with the context of outcomes, safety, quality and costs.


NRSE 7812 Quality and Safety in Population Health (3 credits)

Explores theoretical foundations and frameworks for population health and quality improvement. Focuses on equitable health policies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Examines impact of community-based population health and risk mitigation strategies or initiatives.

NRSE 7230 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Practitioners (Pre-Clinical Skills OCI) (4 credits)

Focuses on theoretical and evidence-based clinical principles for advanced health assessment for APRNs using a body systems approach. Emphasis is on acquisition of advanced skills to perform comprehensive and episodic health assessment. Includes culturally competent patient education, health promotion and clinical prevention related to risk factors for the individual or family.


NRSE 6846 PMHNP Clinical Course I (250 hours) (Clinical Skills OCI) (6 credits)

Focuses on the transition to the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner role for individuals and families in the psychiatric mental health setting. Emphasis is on advanced assessment, diagnosis, and clinical management relevant to the developmental, physical, and psycho-social health issues of individuals and families across the lifespan in the psychiatric mental healthcare setting.

NRSE 7818 Diagnostic Reasoning (2 credits)

Focuses on formulating differential diagnoses based on advanced health assessment skills, evidence-based practice, and clinical decision making. Emphasis on symptom analysis, and determination of diagnostic testing and screenings for the most common disorders encountered by advanced practice nurses in a variety of settings.


NRSE 6847 PMHNP Clinical Course II (250 hours) (6 credits)

Focuses on the role of the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner as an interdisciplinary healthcare team member. Emphasis is on advanced assessment, diagnosis, and clinical management with individuals, groups, and families throughout the lifespan.


NRSE 6848 PMHNP Clinical Course III (250 hours) (6 credits)

Focuses on the role, competencies and proficiencies for the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in the inpatient and community setting. Emphasis is on advanced clinical judgment and decision making within the context of an interdisciplinary team caring for individuals and families across the lifespan in the psychiatric mental health care setting.

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