Ohio University MSN-Nurse Leader Sample Calendar

Curriculum Details

31 total credits required

Subject to change

A sample program of study for an MSN-Nurse Leader student is listed below. This is being offered for consideration only and is subject to change. Students will receive a finalized program of study once they start their program or after a discussion with the School of Nursing. All clinical/practicum hours for each clinical/practicum course must be completed by the end of the 15-week semester.


NRSE 7810 Leadership, Role and Collaboration (3 credits)

Examines social, political, and historical factors that impact the delivery of healthcare and the development of the advanced practice nursing role. Emphasizes principles of leadership, interprofessional collaboration, ethics, and communication within various healthcare systems.

NRSE 7831 Nursing Administration (3 credits)

Examines the importance of epidemiology in prevention of disease and promotion of health as related to advanced nursing practice. Focus on applying epidemiological data to develop strategies related to culturally appropriate population health care and promotion.

NRSE 7001 Professional Presence (1 credit)

Focuses on professional presence for the advanced practice and advanced-level nurse. Emphasis is on concepts of professionalism, advanced communication and inclusive language, scholarly and professional writing, and professional presence in the dissemination of knowledge and scholarship.


NRSE 7811 Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits)

Examines scholarship of nursing through research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement frameworks. Focuses on critical appraisal, synthesis, and evaluation of literature to inform evidence-based practice.

NRSE 7817 Business/Finance Resource Allocation (3 credits)

Focuses on the principles of business, strategic planning, entrepreneurship and financial implications in advanced nursing practice. Emphasis on the impact of performance outcome measures, budgeting and access to care. Examines quality project initiatives using data analysis and organizational change.


NRSE 7812 Quality and Safety in Population Health (3 credits)

Explores theoretical foundations and frameworks for population health and quality improvement. Focuses on equitable health policies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Examines impact of community-based population health and risk mitigation strategies or initiatives.

NRSE 7830 Strategic Planning (3 credits)

Focuses on project planning, implementation and evaluation in a healthcare setting. Includes analysis of processes required to manage and develop a project team. Examines outcome metrics related to project value and dissemination.


NRSE 6850 Nursing Leadership Clinical I (250 hours) (6 credits)

Focuses on role of the emerging nurse leader manager. Explores theoretical and organizational policies to manage fiscal, human and physical resources. Emphasis on micro-systems change and innovation in the healthcare setting.


NRSE 6851 Nursing Leadership Clinical II (250 hours) (6 credits)

Focuses on role of nurse leader administrator. Emphasis on higher level nurse administration roles and responsibilities. Explores macro-systems change and innovation through strategic planning and evaluation.

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