Overview, Mission, Goals


To extend the boundaries of Ohio University to enrich the quality of lives of students and community members, especially for individuals in underserved and vulnerable populations, through interprofessional and community collaborations.


The College of Health Sciences and Professions is proud to provide our students with a wide variety of service learning and volunteer opportunities such as learning community involvement, student organization engagement, class activities and much more! Students and faculty can engage meaningfully with the community through a vast array of initiatives and organizations that impact a variety of populations and varying ages. It is important to CHSP that our students are a part of the University and Athens community and this is best accomplished through community engagement! We also place high value on promoting understanding and appreciation of the values of our local culture and being a good steward in our community in the hopes that both students and our local communities benefit from mutually beneficial resources, information and education.

The college's Office of Community Engagement is committed to supporting faculty, staff and students in their community outreach efforts, as well as forging new partnerships that foster a culture of cooperative community outreach. Current opportunities are available in health, social, educational and public agencies locally, regionally and statewide.

Community Engagement Goals

  1. Better prepare students to engage with the community
  2. Remove barriers for students who want to engage
  3. Be a good neighbor and steward within the community
  4. Provide interprofessional community-based opportunities for students
  5. Continuously audit current community engagement activities and assess what additional opportunities would be beneficial for students and the community
  6. Commit to a local community need that will assist in solving a problem as well as provide students with the opportunity to learn about issues impacting work in the health care field. The need will be chosen to align with local Community Health Assessment priorities. Chosen issue: opioid epidemic.

Watch our community engagement videos:

Community Outreach to Children

Community Outreach to Adults

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