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Research Track

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This student-focused and flexible program will provide you with the educational expertise, professional insight, and empowerment to discover your voice to become a leader in the field. Your exposure to faculty and student-driven research, an environment rich with technology, and a flexible curriculum provide endless opportunities to explore your interests.

This two-year program offers a flexible curriculum, infused with research, and a culminating master’s thesis to complete the program. This track prepares students to work in an academic or research environment. The immersive learning experiences are continual whether in the classroom, our state-of-the-art laboratories, or our research environment. 

Research and Lab Technologies 

Immersed in an environment rich with hands-on experiences and research-viable equipment, you will be prepared upon graduation to make an impact in the field. Our newly renovated facilities, labs, and research spaces will provide you with the opportunity to develop advanced technical skills. 

Our faculty, and learning spaces, facilitate guided research inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • 3D Motion and Force Analysis
  • Fuel Metabolism and Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Muscle Electromyography and Mechanomyography
  • Wearable Technology, including GPS and Accelerometry
  • Cardiovascular Assessments, EKG, and Echocardiography
  • Indirect Calorimetry and Portable Indirect Calorimetry

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Enhance Your Academic Experience

Professional academic development is derived from the entirety of your graduate experience. We encourage involvement in other educational experiences and certifications not only to increase your full knowledge in the field but to also increase your employability. Some of these experiences could include, but are not limited to: 

  • American Heart Association First Aid and CPR Instructor
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens Training
  • Chemical Hygiene Training
  • Research Compliance
  • Research Ethics

Sample Course Schedule

Fall ICredit Hours
EXPH 5140 Physiology of Exercise3
EXPH 5145 Physiology of Exercise Lab2
EXPH/EDRE/PSY/BIOS Research Methods3-4
EXPH 5999 - Research Seminar1
EXPH 6945 Thesis 1-2
Spring I 
NUTR 6600 Nutrition for Sport and Fitness3
EXPH 6160 Advanced Resistance Training3
EXPH 6600 Advanced Biomechanics3
EXPH 5999 Research Seminar1
EXPH 6950 Thesis1-2
Fall II 
EXPH 6560 Advanced Physiology of Exercise 3
EXPH 6570 Advanced Physiology of Exercise Lab 1
EDRE 7200 Educational Statistics4
EXPH 5999 - Research Seminar1
EXPH 6950 Thesis1-4
Spring II 
EXPH 5999 - Research Seminar1
EXPH 6950 Thesis1
Completion of abstract for Expo 
*Elective Courses (Additional options available) 
EXPH 5900 – Special Topics in Exercise Physiology 3
BIOS 5500 – Principles of Endocrinology 3
BIOS 5630 – Biological Chemistry 3

Sample Thesis Projects


Applications must be submitted by February 15th for full consideration of admission, financial aid, and graduate funding opportunities. Competitive financial awards are available annually to qualified students. Awards provide partial to full-tuition funding along with a living stipend to support the academic year while at Ohio University. 

View the admissions guidelines page for more information.


Program Contact:

Angie Hillman, Ph.D. 
Research and Human Performance Graduate Coordinator