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Beverly Price Jones (1947-)

Beverly Price Jones, historical portrait
Beverly Price Jones, circa the time she was writing the Price Report.

About Beverly Price Jones

Critic of double standards: When Beverly Price Jones (1947-) entered Ohio University as a first-year student in 1964, women students were required to wear skirts to class and be in their dorm rooms by 10 at night. Those were just two of the many rules women students had to follow at a time when men faced many fewer restrictions. Jones became a vocal critic of campus double standards in the student newspaper.

First woman to earn MBA at OHIO: Jones drew the attention of College of Business Dean Harry Evarts and University President Claude Sowle. After Jones earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1969, Dean Evarts recruited her to be the first woman MBA student in the College of Business, and President Sowle offered her a position as his special assistant on gender issues.

Beverly Price, portrait
Beverly Price

Breaking ground for women: In her role as special assistant, Jones communicated with women’s studies programs around the country to lay the groundwork for establishing a similar curriculum at Ohio University. She also researched and wrote the “Report on the Status of Women at Ohio University.” Also known as “Price Report,” the document was instrumental in increasing women’s athletic funding, readmitting women to the university’s marching band, and changing attitudes about women students, faculty and staff at Ohio University.

Lawyer and entrepreneur: After receiving her MBA at Ohio University in 1975, Jones earned a law degree at Georgetown University, practiced law, and later became an energy company executive. In 2002, she launched her own executive coaching and consulting practice, where her clients have included leaders at major universities and museums. 


Her Time

Beverly Price Jones delivered the “Price Report” on the status of women at OHIO in 1972—in the same year the federal government passed federal Title IX legislation.

Her Legacy at Ohio

Also known as the Price Report. This report was a major influence, along with Title IX, on increased funding for women's athletics and re-admittance of women to the marching band, as well as other changes in the University's attitude toward women students, faculty and employees.

Read the report.

Report on the Status of Women at Ohio University.
Courtesy of the Ohio University Archives