NQPI Resources

Equipment Available to NQPI Members

Helium liquefying and recycling facility

Atomic force microscope, Asylum Research MFP-3D

Atomic force microscope (Park Autoprobe CP)

Transmission electron microscope (JEOL JEM-1010)

Scanning electron microscope / EDX (JEOL JSM-5300)

Scanning electron microscope (JEOL JSM 6400)

Holographic optical trapping system (based on Arryx HOTkit)

Chemat Technology Spin Coater (KW-4A)

Molecular beam epitaxy / scanning tunneling microscopy systems

Low temperature scanning tunneling microscope

Sputtering deposition system (Denton Vacuum)

E-beam evaporation system

Rigaku single crystal X-ray diffractometer / rotating anode

Electron Spectrometer (XPS/ESCA, UPS, SAM) / Kratos XSAM800

MeV Ion Beam Analysis (RBS, ERS, NRA, Channeling) / 4.5 MV High-Voltage Tandem

W.M. Keck Thin Film Growth and Characterization Facility (UHV, PVD, RBS, LEED, XPS, SAM)

VF Plasma Sputtering System for Thin Film Growth