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Recruit at OHIO

Ohio University offers a variety of recruitment options to help build your brand and connect with Bobcat talent. Browse our recruiting options below and connect with us to get the conversation started. Our model provides dedicated career strategists who can help you build a recruiting plan tailored to your needs.

Post a Job

Handshake serves as Ohio University’s online job posting and recruiting system for students and alumni. Learn how to create an account, post your jobs and learn more by visiting our Handshake Resources page.  

Post a Job on Handshake 

Attend a Career Fair

Ohio University hosts a campus-wide Career and Internship Fair and industry-tailored events each semester. Learn more by visiting Handshake. 

Register for a Career Fair

Recruiting Menu

Explore our recruiting opportunities below. Your dedicated career strategist can discuss these options to build your recruiting plan. 

  • Post a job through Handshake 
  • Attend a career fair 
  • Set up on an on-campus interview through Handshake 
  • Plan an on-campus or virtual visit   
  • Participate in an employer panel or other networking opportunities 
  • Coordinate an on-site industry visit 
  • Have another idea? Let's chat! 

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Recruiting Guidelines

Ohio University's Career Network established recruiting guidelines to create an equitable and fair recruiting environment. Employers are expected to follow Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines and to abide by the ethical framework provided by NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 

Employer Requirements on Handshake

Employers who request to recruit with Ohio University through Handshake must have a functioning website with information about the company. Additionally, staff members connected to the company should have an email address that matches the company’s domain (no Gmail, yahoo, etc.). The Career Network may make exceptions for small businesses who do not own an email domain.

Making Employment Offers

The Career Network recommends that companies do not place unnecessary pressure or time constraints to accept a job or an internship offer. Exploding offers – offers that require candidates to accept or decline an offer within a unreasonably short amount of time – are prohibited.  

Multi-Level Marketing 

Multilevel, 'network' or ‘pyramid’ marketing companies sell goods through distributors, and employees recruit others to receive commission through their ‘downline.’ The Career Network does not deem these opportunities appropriate for Handshake or for other recruiting avenues at Ohio University.  

Sales Companies

Sales companies are expected to represent their opportunities accurately and to be transparent about the commission structure, what the employee is selling, and the method of selling (door-to-door, etc.). Companies that use 'bait and switch’ tactics or who post intentionally misleading jobs will be declined to recruit at our institution.  

Third-Party Recruiters

Third party recruiters must clearly identify as such and name the employer client that they’re hiring for in the job description. If this information is not disclosed, the Career Network will decline your job postings and acceptance to our school.  

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships must abide by the Department of Labor‘s Fair Labor Standards Act, which states that unpaid interns must be the primary beneficiary of the relationship and that their work should complement, rather than displace, the work of paid employees.