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Quarters-to-Semesters Transition 

Quarter-to-Semesters Transition Advising for Political Science Majors

Ohio University is switching to semesters beginning Fall 2012. Students graduating June 2012 or before (i.e., those who will be completing all coursework on the quarter system) are unaffected by the transition and should continue following the old quarters curriculum for Political Science. Students beginning their studies at OU in September 2012 are also unaffected by the transition and will follow the new semesters curriculum for Political Science. All other students are "transition students" -- those who enrolled on the quarter system but will finish on the semester system -- and will need to take special steps to plan for completion of their degrees.

Transition Advising in Political Science

All transition students will be required to complete a Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP) by spring quarter 2012. As part of this process, Athens campus students will need to attend a special advising session with the Political Science transition adivsor, Ms. Kiersten Arnoni, in Bentley Annex 209. Regional campus students will be informed at the beginning of winter quarter regarding with whom they will meet. These meetings will take between 30 and 60 minutes and will be on a staggered basis during fall and winter quarter 2011-12.

Juniors (class of 2013): weeks 6 through 10 of fall quarter (i.e., beginning October 10)

Sophomores (class of 2014): weeks 1 through 5 of winter quarter

Freshmen (class of 2015): weeks 6 through 10 of winter quarter

Regional campus students (classes of 2013-2015): winter quarter

The Political Science department will contact you by email in advance of your transition advising period; this email will tell you how and when to make an appointment. In advance of your meeting, you should access "myDARS" (under "Academic" in the myOHIO portal system), review the TDCP form and complete the applicable checklist below.

All students should bring these three documents--myDARS (expanded version), POLS checklist and a blank TDCP form--to their transition advising meeting. If you have questions about the transition advising process, please contact Ms. Kiersten Arnoni at


TDCP Excel

Political Science Curriculum

Which curriculum you use for your TDCP will depend on what stage you are at during academic year 2011-12. Current juniors and sophomores (classes of 2013 and 2014 will have the option of following the transition curriculum in Political Science (#1 below), while current freshmen (class of 2015) will follow requirements for the new semesters curriculum (#2 below).

1. Transition Curriculum (for current sophomores and juniors)

Requirements Completed   What Needs Completed?
QTR or SEM to be Completed
Min 30 semester hrs POLS Crs Work
Y       N

Min 6 semester hrs at the 2XX/2XXX level (incl POLS 270/2700 Political Theory)
Y       N

Min 15 addl semester hrs at the 3/4XX-3/4XXX level
Y       N

Max 3 hrs POLS 4950, 4960 or 4961 may be counted for the major

Max 6 hrs POLS 4921, 4922, 4923, 4924 or 4925 may be counted for the major

2. Semesters Curriculum (for current freshmen and all future incoming classes)

Requirements Completed What Needs Completed?
QTR or SEM to be Completed
Min 30 semester hrs of POLS Crs Work
Y     N

One class at 1XXX level
Y     N

POLS 2700 Political Theory
Y     N

Pols 2000 Pols & Policy in the US or POLS 2200 the Politics of Law
Y     N

POLS 2300 Comparative Politics or POLS 2500 International Relations
Y     N

Min 18 hrs. at 3XXX/4XXX level
Y     N

Max 3 hrs POLS 4950, 4960, or 4961 may be counted for the major

Max 6 hrs POLS 4921, 4922, 4923,4924 or 4925 may be counted for the major

3. Quarters Curriculum (optional for current juniors; required for students graduating June 2012 or before)

1.  A minimum of 52 hours in Political Science course work

2.  POLS 101 American Politics and POLS 150 Current World Problems

3.  POLS 270 Political Theory

4.  Two additional POLS courses at 2XX level

5.  32 Hours at the 3/4XX level, fulfilling either Option I (General Politics) or Option II (Areas of Concentration)

College of Arts and Sciences Advising

To ensure completion of the College of Arts & Sciences requirements, you should also consult with an advisor at the Student Affairs Advising office. To avoid unnecessary complications that could result from taking course sequences spanning the transition from quarters to semesters, the College recommends that you:

Complete your foreign language requirement as soon as possible. For more information visit Modern Languages at or the Department of Linguistics at

If you are close to completing an A&S Distribution area, do so as soon as possible.

Juniors should be aware that the transition advising appointment in the Political Science department is not a substitute for the regular "graduation check" at the College's Undergraduate Student Affairs Advising office. You will still need to do a grad check after you complete the TDCP.

All students should consult with a faculty advisor during fall, winter and spring quarters 2011-12 for regular student advising. The transition advisor will not be able to offer specific advice regarding course selection for the approaching quarter.

General questions regarding Q2S

Additional Political Science Information

Undergraduate students: Dr. Jay Ryu, 237 Bentley Annex,

Graduate students: Dr. DeLysa Burnier, 216 Bentley Annex,