Welcome to the RWSA

Founded in 1998 as an outgrowth of the Sixth Conference on Rural and Farm Women in Historical Perspective, the Rural Women's Studies Association is an international association for the advancement and promotion of farm and rural women's gender studies in historical perspective. The Association aims to encourage research, to promote existing and forthcoming scholarship, and to establish and maintain links with contemporary farm and rural women's organizations. The RWSA aims to encourage scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds and countries to communicate about their research and all other activities that are supportive of the Association's goals.

Jensen-Neth Fund

The Jensen-Neth Fund, in honor of Joan Jensen and in memory of Mary Neth, was established to provide some funding for graduate students, activists, and international scholars who wish to attend the RWSA conferences. The RWSA is an incorporated 501c3 organization, and all donations are tax-deductable. For information on how to make a donation, click on the Membership Form link below.


OUR NEXT CONFERENCE! (Note Date Changes)

“The Local is Global”: Gender and Rural Connections across Time and Place

Rural Women's Studies Association Triennial Conference

Hosted by Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

February 12-14, 2015

Follow the link below for information on submitting paper and presentation proposals: RWSA 2015 CFP-MB2

Proposal deadline is May 15, 2014.

LOOKING FOR PANELISTS FOR 2015 RWSA CONFERENCE: Katherine Jellison is looking for a participant for a panel that will screen and discuss documentary films about LGBTQ issues in rural areas. If you have a brief (30-minute or less) film that you would like to show and discuss as part of this proposed panel, please contact her at jelllison@ohio.edu.

Jane Pedersen (chair), Becky Beausaert (panelist), and Melissa Hayes (panelist) are looking for a third person to present a paper on a proposed panel entitled "Sexualities and Violence among Rural Women." Interested parties should contact Melissa Hayes at melissah@shawneecc.edu.

RWSA BREAKFAST MEETING AT THE 2014 AGRICULTURAL HISTORY SOCIETY MEETING: The annual RWSA breakfast meeting will be held at the 2014 Agricultural History Society (AHS) conference on Friday, June 20, from 7 to 8:15 a.m. at the Provo, UT, Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, Room Cascade D. If you are attending the AHS conference, please plan to attend this breakfast meeting. Topics will include plans for next year's RWSA meeting. If you wish to sign up for the formal breakfast, the cost is $22 and can be paid with your AHS registration. But please feel free to attend the meeting without paying for the breakfast. All interested parties are welcome!

RWSA PANELS AT THE 2014 BERKSHIRE CONFERENCE: The following RWSA-coordinated panels have been accepted for the program of the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women to be held in Toronto in May 2014:

Is There a Rural Feminism?--Chair: Monda Halpern; Presenters: Linda Ambrose, Maggie Andrews, Jenny Barker Devine, Tracey Hanshew, Nikki Henningham, E. Sue Walmsley

Popular Culture, Performances, and (Re)presentations of Rural Women--Chair: Katherine Jellison; Presenters: Jacqueline McIsaac, Jodey Nurse, Margreet van der Burg

Rural Women in Educational Environments--Chair: Ruth Sandwell; Presenters: Elyssa Ford, Usha Sanyal, Kelly Sartorius, Matthew Schauer

Women's Agricultural Production and Consumption in Rural and Urban Environments--Chair: Steven Reschly; Presenters: Andrea Gal, Katherine Jellison, Meredith Quaile, Abby Stephens, Eileen Wallis

THE DAILY YONDER: The Daily Yonder, a publication of the Center for Rural Strategies, covers all things rural and is looking for contributions from younger writers and scholars. Interested parties should go to www.dailyyonder.com to get an idea of the length and tone of Daily Yonder articles and then contact Dale Mackey at mackeyda@gmail.com to discuss your own ideas for an article or articles.

QUERY ABOUT MANUSCRIPT: Alexandra Johnston, PhD, Host Program Coordinator in the Intensive English and Orientation Program at Iowa State University asks the following question of our membership:

I wonder if you might be able to direct me to colleagues of yours who might be interested in a first-hand written account of pioneer family life in Grundy Center, IA? It is a 140-page manuscript memoir of family history written by a woman born about 1920 who wrote about her mother's life on the farm, as well as the oral history of her grandparents who settled there. It is a vivid, detailed account of everyday life, hard work, and the social fabric of rural Grundy Center. It seems like it might be useful for sociologists or historians of rural life to use as a primary source. Interested parties may contact Dr. Johnston at amj@iastate.edu.

RWSA members and web site visitors may be interested in also visiting the following organizational sites: Assn. for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums; Southern Association for Women Historians; Western Association of Women Historians; and Women and Gender Historians of the Midwest.