Graduate Coursework

The Ohio Board of Regents considers a student to be full-time when registered for 15 credits hours during a single semester. The full-time load for our graduate students works out be 2 or 3 courses per semester coupled with thesis and colloquium credit hours. However, the actual number of courses taken at any one time varies between 0 and 3 with the majority of courses being taken during a student's first year; the second-year course load is lighter to facilitate writing a thesis. Note: A student wishing to take more than 18 credits of coursework must secure written permission from his/her adviser.


Academic Standards

The minimum standard of work for Master's degree candidates is a grade-point average of 3.0 (B) on all coursework counted toward satisfaction of degree requirements. Therefore, all graduate course requirements must be taken for a grade. The Department will be notified by the Office of Graduate Student Services whenever a student's graduate grade-point average falls below 3.0. The Department then has the option to recommend whether or not the student should be retained on graduate status. If the Department recommends retaining the student, he/she will be required to achieve a cumulative graduate grade point average equal to or above 3.0 by the end of the following semester, and maintain such an average for the remainder of his/her residence, or be dropped from the program. In addition, two grades below B- or one grade of "D" or "F" in graduate course requirements is cause for dismissal from the program.


Residence and Credit

A minimum of 30 graduate credits (overall) is necessary for conferral of an MS degree from OU. At least one term or two summer terms must be spent in an institutional full-time status on the Athens campus. A minimum of 30 hours of graduate credit must be earned on the campuses of Ohio University (approval of the Dean is necessary to alter this requirement). Students on financial support must be registered for 18 hours of graduate credit during the regular academic year. If a student is receiving financial support during the summer, the student must register for at least 9 hours of graduate credit during that summer. Students seeking the MS degree must be officially registered for at least 1 hour of credit during the term in which the degree is received.

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