Career Exploration


Career Coaching Appointments

Thirty-minute career coaching sessions are for any topic related to major and career exploration, job and internship searches, and graduate school processes. Career coaching meetings are facilitated by professional staff and focus on identifying short-term action steps that fit best with the individual's career needs.

To schedule an individual career coaching appointment please call: 740-593-2909

Job Search Strategy

Identify your ideal job function, industry, type of company and location. Not only is this experience important to help you identify and improve your skills, it also helps you shape and to solidify your career goals. Whether you gain experience through an internship in your field, a campus job or a student organization, you will be developing transferable skills that you can market to future employers. Whatever you do—do something!  If you need help deciding between the many options available to you, stop by for a drop-in session or schedule a 30 minute appointment with one of our career coaches.


Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing is an excellent first step in finding out more about a career path that is of interest to you. It is important to spend time thinking about what you would like to ask someone who is currently in the career you are considering. Your questions should be thoughtful and should leave room for the other person to contribute information they think is relevant. Informational Interviewing can be done with just about anyone—a family friend, former physician, parent's lawyer—or any other member of your network.
For more information about networking and informational interviews check out our Networking page.


Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a great way to see what "a day in the life" is like for someone in a particular career field. It can help you narrow down your interests, decide for or against a potential career option, and perhaps even open the door for an internship. The key is to reach out and ask. Make sure you give enough time to plan before the shadowing experience.


On Campus/Part-time Jobs

Part-time jobs are a common way to build transferable skills during college.  Holding a part-time job shows that you can manage your time between work and school (and for many of you, student organizations, too!)  A variety of jobs exist, both on and off campus.  For more information about on-campus jobs, visit the Ohio University's Human Resource page.



For many employers, internships have become crucial in deciding which new graduates they will hire for entry-level positions. Their reasoning is simple. You have done more than just learn about what a company does, you have actually worked for the organization and can give real, practical examples of putting your skills to use in your specific field of interest.


Get Involved

The number one thing employers look for is leadership skills. Involvement on campus builds leadership and independence and often involves community service. These experiences help make you a well-rounded student and competitive job candidate. For more information on getting involved, check out these links.

Take a Career Development Course

The Career and Leadership Development Center offers a variety of career courses for students interested in engaging in their career development process through academic coursework. Each course integrates a variety of career development exercises and assignments ranging from major and career exploration to job searching and interviewing. The following courses are taught by Career and Leadership Development Center staff.

Late-Start CAS 1130: Career Planning in the Liberal Arts

The Career & Leadership Development Center is excited to announce a new addition to course offerings for the SECOND HALF OF SPRING SEMESTER 2015! CAS 1130: Career Planning in the Liberal Arts is targeted to students in the College of Arts & Sciences, but is open to any student exploring major or career options. This class will help students discover their interests and skills, build an intentional network, and create professional tools (like a resume) they can use right away. Students in this class will also have the opportunity to develop a professional portfolio, build a LinkedIn page that will be used for course assignments, and complete several reflective activities related to career exploration, including the True Colors Personal Success Workshop. 

This highly interactive course has been offered since fall 2013, when it launched to learning community students in several academic departments within the College of Arts & Sciences. Course activities and discussion will be tailored to students’ individual interests and goals, including outside speakers and research tools.

CAS 1130 is a 2 credit hour, graded course that will be offered Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 11:50am-12:45pm in the Career & Leadership Development Center’s conference room, BUC 503. The course is being taught by Lindsey Marx, Associate Director for the Career & Leadership Development Center. 

For more information about CAS 1130 or any career class with instructors from the Career & Leadership Development Center, contact Lindsey Marx at or 740.593.2909. 

CAS 1130X: Career Planning in the Liberal Arts

The purpose of this class is to provide an opportunity for students to learn about and develop the necessary skills in all areas of career planning. Career development involves more than just choosing a major or occupation; it consists of assessing interests, skills, values, motivations, understanding the necessary employability skills needed to succeed in the world of work, learning the steps of an effective internship/job search, and gaining an awareness of the steps in the career decision making process. This course is designed to promote self-discovery, explore career choices, expand the understanding of the relationship between education and the World of Work, and the career decision making process. Students will participate in guided self-exploration, experiential learning and goal setting. This course is offered fall semester.

PSY4930: Career Strategies for Psychology Majors

Attention seniors: if you’re graduating at the end of this year and are in the market to secure a job, consider adding Career Strategies for Psychology Majors to your schedule. This one-credit hour course is designed to assist you with the transition from college to a career. You will receive assistance in developing a customized  resume and cover letter; utilize job search tools, including Bobcat CareerLink, to apply to at least one professional position of interest; conduct an informational interview with a professional in your ideal career; participate in a mock interview; and refine your social media presence. This course offers you practical assignments that will help you navigate the job search process, with the ultimate goal of preparing you for a successful transition to life after college. This course if offered spring semester.

CAS 2130 X: Career Strategies: Internship and Job Mapping

This course will equip students with the tools necessary to plot their goals for gaining experience prior to graduation and begin taking action on short and long term career goals. This course is designed to promote self-reflection, assist student in developing a strategy to gain professional experience, and facilitate the creation of a professional portfolio including formal employment documents and a professional development plan for completing an internship in their field of interest during summer 2015. Students will complete this course with a clear understanding of internship searching resources, knowledge of how to prepare an effective set of application documents for an internship, and how to be a professional team member once they participate in their internship. This course is offered fall semester.

COMS 2040: Principles and Techniques of Interviewing

Methods used in two-party, face-to-face oral communicative situations commonly encountered in organizational and professional environments. Intensive practice through role-playing and real-life interviews in and out of class, emphasizing skills involved in giving and getting information, persuasion, and job-employment situations. This course is offered fall and spring semesters.

SPST 4900

This three credit seminar, which targets seniors in the Bachelor of Specialized Studies program, facilitates innovative and critical thinking around the multi-disciplinary education students have gained during their time at OHIO. Students will identify, explore and develop their unique emotional, intellectual, personality and leadership strengths as they prepare for graduate school or the world of work. In addition, students will explore foundational teachings of positive psychology, leadership styles, how to leverage failures and successes and gaining empowerment through philanthropic giving. Students will explore career planning through discussions and activities related to professional development, career purpose, and branding to integrate career-specific concepts and develop an intentional plan to grow as lifelong learners following graduation. This course is offered fall semester.

RFPD 3890: Professional Career Search Strategies

The course objective is to further the professional development of students in the Retail Merchandising & Fashion Product Development major program. Focus with respect to career development in preparation for future work experiences and employment through resume and cover letter writing, development of interview skills, job search strategies, professional writing, discussion of current key topics within the industry and a variety of other professional experiences. This course is offered fall semester.


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