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Voinovich Academy set to begin third cohort of EPA Leadership Development program

EPA Leadership Cohort

A third cohort is ready to begin the nine-month Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Leadership Development program offered by the George V. Voinovich Academy for Excellence in Public Service, part of Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. 

The program, which begins in March, comprises monthly sessions on leadership, communications, crisis management, workplace inclusion and other topics held at the Ohio University Dublin campus. Participants of this competitive program came from EPA district offices across the state.  A third of those who participated in the first-year cohort received promotions; several members of last year’s cohort have been promoted as well. 

“Each session allowed me to collaborate and team up with new individuals that enabled me to gain a new perspective within the agency. I learned more about myself as a leader as well as learned the skills and talents of those working around me,” Jessica Johnson, an Ohio EPA public involvement coordinator and member of the 2019 cohort, said. 

The nine sessions are strategically organized and customized to fit the identified needs of the EPA. Sessions were facilitated by state and community leaders such as Jim Mahoney, assistant professor of practice at the Voinovich School; Faith Knutsen, the School’s director of social innovation and entrepreneurship; and, John Born, former director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. 

“My goal is for our participants to create a professional network within their organization that they can reach out to discuss opportunities and challenges as they go forward,” Academy Director Jay Johnson, said. The program sessions are interactive, allowing the participants to work together to identify solutions and solve problems. 

“This is just one chapter in their leadership journey that I want them to continue to build upon as life-long learners,” Johnson said. “The journey does not end here, as they can now apply and test the leadership tools and ideas going forward.”

The George V. Voinovich Academy for Excellence in Public Service offers a variety of professional programs to support current and future leaders serving in nonprofit and public organizations. For more information, or to see upcoming training, visit the website