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PODCAST: Jazzed About Work Episode 015: Smithsonian Curator Merry Foresta Discusses Artists at Work

November 9, 2017

Artists may look like they’re just having fun. But they have to work hard and carefully every single day, says distinguished curator Merry Foresta, in this episode, focused on creating careers in the arts.

Merry says that artists who enjoy professional success tend to be passionate about what they do, regardless of what other people may say about their work. And one thing that helps them to keep up their energy is that, despite criticism, they keep saying to themselves, “yes I can.”

Merry created and served as the Director of the Smithsonian Photography Initiative from its inception in 2000 until 2010. In addition to building one of the world’s premier collections of American photography. she has curated more than 50 exhibitions, and authored numerous books and catalogs.

These days she frequently serves as a guest curator at the Smithsonian and many other leading art museums. Among her recent shows, and books, is “Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty,” featuring 161 images from the iconic photographer.