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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Information

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Information


  Where Respect for Recovery Flourishes

In January 2010 the Recovery Community Committee was assembled and charged with the following: Examine the potential for a recovery house as another way to promote student health and wellness at Ohio University. The committee met through June 2010 completing a needs assessment for recovery services, an extensive review of best practices in the nation and an assessment of support services Ohio University has in place for students in recovery. Based on our findings we have identified a three-tiered approach to address the needs of students in recovery. 


Mission Statement

The Ohio University Collegiate Recovery Community will apply a multi-disciplinary approach to students in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions by providing ongoing support throughout their academic career. The program will aid the student in integrating into the university community and continuing through the accomplishment of their academic pursuits with an emphasis on holistic personal development within a safe and inclusive community.


On Campus Resources



If you are thinking of attending Ohio University then this is the place to start! This page hosts the application for admission as well as general information you may need to know.  If you have a criminal record consisting of felonies, please see below.

Legal Affairs

If you have a criminal record and are planning to apply to Ohio University, then you must first fill out paperwork with Legal Affairs. Just call the Legal Affairs office and ask for them to mail you the packet that needs to be filled out.  After you complete the packet, mail it back to the Office of Legal Affairs, and they will send you a letter in the mail when you can continue your application process.

Residential Housing

This link will be helpful if you are looking for more information about housing on-campus or if you need to submit paperwork to waive living on campus.  There is also information on off-campus living.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is a great resource for assistance with the FAFSA forms as well as information on scholarships available on campus.  This is also a useful resource to get more information on how convictions for drug-related crimes affect your financial aid (this includes possession, intent to distribute, paraphernalia, etc.).

Counseling and Psychological Services

Hudson Health Center houses the Counseling and Psychological Services on campus which could be a useful resource for students wishing to continue counseling care while in school.  They offer individual as well as group counseling sessions with appointments and walk-in hours available.

Campus Involvement Center

Looking to make the most of your college experience? Then get involved with the campus community!  The CIC offers numerous ways to get involved on campus and also houses Health Promotion where you can find more information on the work going on to create a Collegiate Recovery Community on Ohio University’s campus!


Local Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous in Athens

This is a website listing local AA meetings in the Athens, Ohio and surrounding areas. 

Narcotics Anonymous

This links to a pdf with a listing of local meetings and contact information.

Health Recovery Services, Inc.

HRS is a local community resource for Southeastern Ohio providing numerous services.  HRS offers both outpatient and residential treatment options for consumers.  All outpatient sites offer alcohol, drug and mental health services, individual and group counseling, case management and gambling screenings. Effective, research-based prevention programs are provided to the public as well.