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Blog: Using WellTrack to balance mental health and graduation stress

Blog: Using WellTrack to balance mental health and graduation stress

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, which is how some OHIO seniors graduating in the spring may feel like when it comes to incorporating new tools or routines into your life during your last semester of college. As a creature of habit, I can totally relate to that, but sometimes it can be helpful to try something new, even if you might not use it for very long.

For me, this new thing was the WellTrack app that Ohio University students have recently gained access to and can use as a self-guided therapy and mental-health tracking tool. As a leader in the Student Affairs Communication and Marketing office, I was asked to give the tool a trial and see what I thought. I was a little skeptical about it at first, but I’ve honestly found it really helpful, especially in this stressful time of applying for jobs and getting ready to say goodbye to Athens and the wonderful friends I’ve made here.

Activity Scheduler Tool

One of the tools on WellTrack that I’ve found most useful is the Activity Scheduler tool within the application. Something that WellTrack suggests you do is schedule fun, rewarding activities for yourself each week on top of the classes, work or other things you have to do every day. This tool is a helpful reminder for me when I’m stressed out about classes or job applications that it’s important for me to still find time to relax and have fun with my friends. As of right now, I only have a little over a month left at Ohio University and I want to make the most out of it with the time I have left. One interesting thing about this tool is that it has you evaluate your mood before and after you complete these activities. It’s a cool way to understand how much taking a break and spending time with your friends or doing something you love can be a boost for your mood and your mental health.

Thought Diary Tool

Another feature that I enjoy that I use each time I log in to WellTrack is the Thought Diary. This tool allows you to track how your mental health is affected by certain events or tasks and allows you to reflect on why they might be making you feel a certain way. This opportunity for reflection helps you better rationalize what your anxiety or depression might be catastrophizing and learn how to deal with it in the future. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this tool has allowed me to work through my anxious thoughts or actions in a constructive way. I’ve found that my thoughts don’t spiral out of control as easily when I get anxious about a certain situation, and I can deal with new ones better in the future.

So, if you’re thinking of diving a little deeper into your mental health and working on your overall well-being, I would suggest giving WellTrack a try. Even if you’re a senior, the tool can be very helpful and has even more features you may find beneficial beyond those I highlighted here. You can log into WellTrack by visiting athens.welltrack.com and using your OHIO ID and password.