Ohio University

Update on DOSA Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues,

In 2018, the Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) launched a coordinated, strategic planning effort to determine and craft a united set of shared goals. Today, I am sharing an update on the efforts of each committee since our fall all-staff. At the start of fall semester, we welcomed additional DOSA staff as new members into each committee and added vice-chairs to help with committee leadership. I would like to thank the members of these groups for their time, effort and dedication. I appreciate all the work that these teams and individuals have done over this semester!

The Equity and Social Justice Committee developed a DOSA staff climate survey, which launched late November. I look forward to learning from and sharing out the results and developing next steps based on the data. In addition, this committee has been working to establish and support collective and individual social justice goals. Further, members of the committee have been planning in-service events for DOSA staff.

The Learning Goals Committee has spent much of fall term hearing and supporting our DOSA departments as they develop and present their assessment plans. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about each unit through this committee’s presentation and seeing how departments have aligned their work with DOSA learning goals. I can’t wait for updates on this work in the new year, and  I’d like to invite the Division to be a part of this conversation at the data gala on June 8.

Finally, the Retention and Graduation Committee asked about students’ sense of belonging during the fall all-staff meeting, which are available to download. Since then, I have been delighted to discover that a number of units have used this as a framework to learn how their departments helps students feel like they belong at Ohio University. If you or your unit has adopted these questions, please remember to share the results with the committee! Further, the team has been working to create a set of recommendations for student staff based on a survey of student employees. A sub-committee has also taken on supporting and consolidating research on how well-being intersects with student affairs. In addition, members have been examining best practices for ways to support students who are housing insecure.

These committee updates and more are available on the Strategic Plan webpage. You can view 2019 accomplishments and 2020 goals for the Equity and Social Justice committee, Retention and Graduation committee and Learning Goals committee

From my view, it is energizing to see that the DOSA strategic plan is feeling very ‘real’. We can point to activities, work and structures that have changed because of this strategic planning effort and because of your collaboration and contributions. Thank you for your support and involvement in this strategic plan.