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OHIO Dance Team spirit and recruitment not hindered by virtual environment

OHIO Dance Team spirit and recruitment not hindered by virtual environment

Ohio University’s Dance Team hosted virtual try outs this year via Zoom with a successful turn out of 30 new potential dancers according to Aimee Gjurkovitsch, OHIO Dance Team captain. Hosting team try outs online presented a whole new set of problems that have not been issues in the past, like how to reach their potential audience.

“With this year being different from any other, we were nervous we wouldn’t reach as many potential dancers to consider trying out,” said Gjurkovitsch. “To encourage new dancers to tryout, we posted on all our social media channels including Instagram and Facebook, and we would post about every week or so. We really wanted to inform incoming freshmen about our team.” Like with many student organizations this year, there was concern over reaching incoming first-year students who might not be interacting with all of the platforms the University provides yet. But the efforts of OHIO’s Dance Team are evident through the incredible turnout of potential dancers who tried out for the team.

The virtual experience has not hastened the eager spirit of OHIO’s dancers Gjurkovitsch said. “We still had many students show interest and we reached just about the same number of prospects that we would during a normal year.”

OHIO’s Dance Team could not have gathered so many prospective dancers without the likes and shares of community members and Ohio University students. Gjurkovitsch added, “The Ohio University Dance Team is constantly looking for ways to engage with our community. We are planning to create many virtual videos and be active on our social media channels this year to share what our team is working on.”

Social media has always been an important recruitment tool for the University and its many student organizations, but online engagement is more vital than ever this year. Gjurkovitsch concluded, “Although this year will be different from any other, we are still making the most of our 2020-21 season. The OUDT is always striving for success and we have a great group of girls to do so!”