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Immersive Media Initiative offers OHIO students experience with virtual and augmented reality technologies

Innovation Strategy allows faculty and staff team to develop new curriculum and hands-on research and creative projects. Read More

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Ohio writer introduces Swedish poets to American audiences

Ohio University Professor Scott Minar makes international literary connections. Read More  

Voinovich Scholar evaluates program designed to draw Appalachian students to engineering careers

The Appalachian Cohort of Engineering (ACE) program promotes success in STEM fields. Read More  

Water Watch: Chemistry students test river for nitrate levels

Chris and Nate Frazier worked with faculty member Shadi Abu-Baker to study water quality in Ohio. Read More  

OHIO literature scholar revives a famous author’s 1909 novel about feminism

Carey Snyder worked with Broadview Press to publish a new edition of Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells. Read More