The single biggest reason why files do not produce expected results is: FONTS! According to some national estimates, bad or missing fonts account for 82% of all delays and additional charges. To print your job properly, you must send us the fonts you used in your layout. The best way to avoid font problems is to follow these suggestions.

Include Fonts in EPS Files

It is easy to overlook the fonts contained in EPS files created in Illustrator or Freehand. This is called nesting fonts and can cause problems at output time. If you do not provide these nested fonts, these characters may default to Courier or Times during output. Better yet, just converting your fonts to outlines before exporting creates a cleaner file.

When using a Macintosh computer, do not choose system fonts (these are the ones named after cities around the world). They do not have printer font equivalents and thus cannot be output on a high-resolution device.

OHIO Brand Fonts

View information about the Ohio University brand typography, and download the fonts to your machine on the UCM website:

OHIO Brand Typography