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Online Post-Graduate Nurse Leader Certificate Program
Build the Qualifications for a Nursing Leadership Career

Online Post-Graduate Nurse Leader Certificate Program

Become a Certified Nursing Leader

Earning the online Post-Graduate Nurse Leader Certificate helps you establish yourself as a qualified candidate for leadership positions in health care delivery organizations. Throughout this 21-credit program, you will build on your master's-level skills by exploring how to manage the delivery of nursing and healthcare services across a range of settings. This advanced post-masters training will help you gain the expanded expertise to stand out from other RN professionals, who make up one of America's largest workforce segments, with more than 50% working specifically in hospital settings.1

  • Prepare for leadership and management roles in community-based clinics and more 
  • More than 480,000 jobs available, as of 20212
  • $96,9153 potential salary
  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • 100% online coursework

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The online Post-Master's Nurse Leader Certificate program empowers you with the knowledge and skills to advance in leadership roles. Through this program, you'll learn to navigate complex healthcare systems and lead teams effectively, preparing you for leadership roles in a variety of healthcare settings. Additionally, you'll develop your communication and critical thinking skills, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive change in your organization. By completing this program, you'll be equipped with the expertise needed to lead healthcare teams in the vital work of improving patient outcomes, and be eligible for national Nurse Executive certification.

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