Academic Probation and Designing a Success Plan

It is not uncommon for students to experience some level of difficulty when taking online courses.  Often students have experienced issues including personal, financial, health, family or other issues that hindered them from being successful. Rest assured that many other OHIO students have been able to successfully navigate their way out of probation. Probation is a process of learning and growth about oneself, and the probation process at OHIO is designed to be helpful for you and promote a successful experience for your future at Ohio University.

Note that student academic progress is assessed at the end of each semester. Students whose cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 are placed on academic probation. To be removed from probation, your cumulative GPA must reach at least a 2.0.

OHIO Online students who are placed on academic probation are required to complete an Academic Success Workshop and meet with their Success Coach via a phone call to design a success plan prior to beginning a new semester.

More information, including the link to the workshop can be found on the Academic Probation 101 site.