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Students reminded to be smart, civil and safe during Halloween weekend

Students reminded to be smart, civil and safe during Halloween weekend
Published: October 23, 2018 Author: Staff reports

Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones shared the following message with OHIO students on Monday, Oct. 22 with important reminders about the upcoming City of Athens Halloween celebration. 

Dear Bobcats,

I'm writing to provide you with some important reminders about the upcoming City of Athens Halloween celebration this Saturday, Oct.27.

History indicates that much of the high-risk behavior that occurs in Athens during Halloween is the result of guests who demonstrate less of a commitment to and investment in our community. I know from talking to many of you throughout the years that you love Ohio University and respect the City of Athens.

I am asking for your help to encourage personal and civic responsibility to ensure a safe Halloween for you, your guests and our community.

Here is some additional information that may be helpful:

  • Take time to view the City of Athens' Halloween Guidelines. This also includes information about visitor parking.

  • Have a plan in place. Talk to your roommates or housemates about guests who are coming. How many are there and where will they stay? Decide together that you want guests to respect your home and the rules governing our community. Make sure you have back-up communication plans in case guests become lost or cell phone service is not dependable.

  • Talk to your guests and confront those who cross the line. Let guests know that you want them to have a fun visit and that you do not want trouble for anyone. Ask them to respect your home and to abide by the policies of the University and the laws of the City of Athens. If guests are caught violating the law, their home institution will be notified.

  • Use good judgment in choosing a costume. Remember that what happens in Athens stays on social media. Take a look at the Halloween campaign from Students Teaching Against Racism in Society, and consider the impact of costumes that are racially or ethnically offensive. Please do not include anything in your costume that is or could be used as or confused as a weapon. Please do not impersonate a law enforcement official or simulate law enforcement activities.

  • Get help for those who need it. Being a part of the Ohio University community means that we help each other when we are in need. The Medical Emergency Assistance (MEA) program allows you to call for help for a fellow student who is in need of medical attention without the fear of University disciplinary action.

  • Program the numbers of our police departments into your cell phone. This may be helpful in situations where you need advice but are not in need of 911 services. Ohio University Police Department Dispatch is 740-593-1911, and the Athens City Police Dispatch is 740-593-6606.

  • Seek out University staff if you need assistance. Look for University faculty and staff in the green jackets around campus and uptown this Saturday.

  • Remember our Code of Conduct. Our student discipline system is based on the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct. Students will be referred to the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility for misbehavior that occurs on or off campus. Students living in residence halls will be held accountable for any misbehavior of their guests.

  • Research guest parking options. There is no on-campus guest parking over Halloween Weekend. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed. Information on where to park can be found in the City of Athens' Halloween Guidelines listed above.

Please remember that we all have a shared responsibility for upholding the standards of Ohio University and respecting the City of Athens. I appreciate your continued efforts to represent the University with pride this Halloween weekend and always.


Jenny Hall-Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students