Cutler Scholars Program honors 17 outstanding mentors

Cutler Scholars Program honors 17 outstanding mentors
Published: April 5, 2019 Author: Jakob Warren

The Cutler Scholars Program honored 17 OHIO professors, faculty and friends for their commitment to and guidance of the Cutler Scholars in the graduating class of 2019. 

The Outstanding Mentor Dinner, hosted by the Cutler Scholars Program, provides an opportunity to thank the individuals who have had a transformative influence on graduating Cutler Scholars.

“Faculty and staff are often surprised to learn what a profound impact they had on students’ personal, intellectual and professional growth. It is a pleasure to recognize the work of these dedicated individuals,” said Dr. Margaux Cowden, director of the Cutler Scholars Program.

The Cutler Scholars shared their gratitude for the assistance provided to them during their time at college during the dinner. The reflections carried a common theme of growth and development, both collegiately and personally.

“Professor Alison Brown Sincoff is someone who inspires me not only in terms of musicianship, but also personally and professionally. She has gone above and beyond to assist me in reaching my professional and musical goals through selfless accommodation, patience and teaching methods specialized to helping me achieve my aspirations to the best of my ability despite my physical health obstacles. I truly can’t say enough about her impact on me as a student,” said Hannah Smith ’19 (Alan E. & Ruby T. Riedel Cutler Scholar).

For some students, their mentors played a decisive role in connecting them to opportunities beyond their extracurriculars and classes at OHIO. Max Annable ’19 (Stocker Cutler Scholar) gained valuable information regarding his internship in Washington, D.C. from his mentor, Dr. Matthew Layton.

“Dr. Layton’s assistance ranges from helping me choose which classes to take, guidance in applying to graduate school, and advice on how to prepare for life in Washington, D.C., which has been essential to my success,” Annable said.

The mentors also supported scholars’ exploration of new opportunities and striving for excellence. Zach Reizes ’19 (Grasselli Brown Cutler Scholar) recognized his mentor, Dr. Nukhet Sandal, for her continued support and encouragement.

“Dr. Sandal has been an academic advisor, a friend and inspiration to me since I arrived on campus. She was never afraid to push me, or let me push myself, and always had good advice when I was unsure where to turn. She also provided me with extra opportunities to explore, travel and grow as a student of international relations,” Reizes said.

The Cutler Scholars Program’s outstanding mentors for 2019 are:

  • Matthew Layton, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Jessica White, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Paul Benedict, Associate Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship
  • Geoff Buckley, Professor for Environmental Geography
  • Donald Brown, Associate Lecturer for Human and Consumer Sciences
  • Kelly Williams, Lecturer of Biological Sciences
  • Beatrice Selotlegeng, Academic Advisor; Director, Junior Executive Business Program
  • Katrina Heilmeier, Bowling Green State University Honors College Recruiter
  • David Burnette, Lecturer of Engineering & Technology Fundamentals
  • Joann Benigno, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Professional Programs
  • Shelby Martin, Ph.D. Psychology Student & Instructor
  • Nukhet Sandal, Associate Professor and Director of War & Peace Studies
  • Alison Sincoff, Professor of Flute
  • Michelle Sheehan, Judge of Ohio’s 8th District Court of Appeals
  • David Pidwell, National Trustee, OHIO’s Board of Trustees
  • David Bayless, Loehr Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Robert Foehl, Executive-in-Residence for Business Law and Ethics 
Voinovich and Pidwell

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and MarketingBoard of Trustees student representative Faith Voinovich poses with Cutler Scholars mentor David Pidwell

Sincoff and Smith

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and MarketingSchool of Music flute professor Alison Brown Sincoff poses with Cutler Scholar Hannah Smith (right)