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Published: April 16, 2019 Author: University Communications and Marketing

At Ohio University, we embrace that we have a collective responsibility to create the opportunity for people with disabilities to have an accessible and inclusive experience whether a student, employee, visitor, or community member.

There are many simple ways we can all contribute to the development and maintenance of an accessible and inclusive environment. Accessible OHIO: It’s What We Do highlights a series of actions that any of us may take – no expertise required!

What can I do when the actuator push button is not working?

Actuators have come a long way since Heron, the ancient Greek scholar from Alexandria, designed the first automatic door using a displaced water system. Nowadays, the actuators placed near doors provide easy access but may have mechanisms that break down over time due to use or the impacts of weather conditions. While doors with actuators add convenience and make lives easier for those who carry heavy boxes or push baby carriages, they are critical to providing access for individuals who may experience limited mobility, enabling them to independently navigate around campus. 

When actuators aren’t functioning, we need to fix them quickly. If you notice an actuator that isn’t functioning, there are two easy things you can do:

Submit a work order with Facilities Management & Safety and indicate that it is an ADA issue. 

Complete the Office for University Accessibility’s Report an Accessibility Barrier form. OUA will work with Facilities Management & Safety to determine whether the locking mechanism is malfunctioning, the mechanism needs to be replaced or other option. The Office for University Accessibility can also help assess what short-term solutions can be implemented to maintain accessibility. 

Creating a more Accessible OHIO: It’s What We Do.