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Cherry tree lighting to begin in early April

Cherry tree lighting to begin in early April
Published: March 27, 2019 Author: the Office of Global Affairs

Ohio University plans to begin lighting the area around its cherry trees in the evening hours during the first week of April.

Each spring, the university lights up the area around the cherry trees near the Hocking River and the Convocation Center in the evening hours when the trees begin to blossom. The university may begin lighting up the area around the trees as early as Monday, April 1, but it will depend on the weather and the progress of the cherry blossoms.

The trees were a gift from Chubu University in Japan, and the university lights the area around the trees in the evening hours when they blossom, just as they do in Japan. The lighting takes place between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., and the trees look spectacular.

All students, faculty, staff and area residents are invited to see the evening view of the trees, which have become a landmark of the Ohio University campus.

Over the years the flowering trees have become a symbol of spring’s arrival in Athens. They have been featured in local publications and Ohio University websites, and have given generations of students one of the most endearing memories of the city and the campus. Earlier this year, National Geographic even named Ohio University as one of the best places in the country to see Cherry Blossom trees.

The trees were first planted in 1979 under the direction of Ohio University President Charles Ping and President Kazuo Yamada of Chubu University. Chubu gifted the cherry blossom trees to represent its relationship with Ohio University and later brought the grove’s total to 200 trees after another gift for the Ohio University’s bicentennial.

For additional information on the Cherry Trees, as well as a slideshow of the blooming of the trees this spring, please visit www.ohio.edu/cherryblossoms.

Ohio University Cherry Blossoms 2018

Photographer: Rachel RandallThe Ohio University cherry trees lit up during the evening hours in April 2018.

Ohio University Cherry Blossoms 2019

Photographer: Sophia MohrThe Ohio University cherry trees are almost ready to bloom. Here is an image from March 25, 2019.