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Cutler Scholars Program recognizes six outstanding mentors

Cutler Scholars Program recognizes six outstanding mentors
Published: April 18, 2018 Author: Rachel Addlespurger

The Cutler Scholars Program recently celebrated six OHIO staff and faculty members for their commitment to guiding undergraduates to success.

The Outstanding Mentor Dinner, created and sponsored by the Cutler Scholars Program, is meant to express appreciation to the faculty and staff that have proven most influential in their mentees’ lives.

Dr. Margaux Cowden, director of the Cutler Scholars Program, said, “In addition to providing guidance, mentors validate students’ intellectual passions. Through their mentors, students see themselves from a new perspective, with more clarity about their strengths and greater confidence to take risks.”

During the dinner Cutler Scholars shared their gratitude and reflected on the impact their mentors had on their growth. Nate Arnett (Russ Legacy Cutler Scholar ’18) thanked his mentor Dr. John Kopchick for taking a chance on hiring him as an undergraduate research assistant.

“Dr. Kopchick has served as an incredible role model to emulate as I move forward in my career. He provided me with the opportunity to work in his lab group at the Edison Biotechnology Institute, where I have had the opportunity to work alongside senior researchers while gaining indispensable knowledge,” Arnett said. “My time spent under Dr. John Kopchick has certainly benefited me vastly to date, and I can say with certainty that it will continue to benefit me in my future.”

Brandon Mahr (Jewell Cutler Scholar ’18) recognized the longstanding support of his mentor Dr. Zaki Kuruppalil, who was recently named a University Professor.

“Dr. Kuruppalil goes above and beyond to ensure all of his students’ success. From the first moment I met Dr. K on the day of my Cutler interview, he showed a desire to support my goals to whatever extent necessary,” Mahr said. “Dr. K has helped me grow as a person and a professional, and has helped guide me to where I am now.”

Mentors also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to hear first-hand how their interactions positively impacted their mentee’s undergraduate experiences. 

Dr. Robert Stewart, director of the Scripps School of Journalism said, “Having Charlee [Cobb] stand in front of other Cutler Scholars and mentors and talk about ways I was able to provide meaningful guidance to her over the years is a memory I will never forget.”

The Cutler Scholars Program’s Outstanding Mentors for 2018 are:

  • Dr. John Kopchick, Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Molecular Biology 
  • Dr. Butch Hill, Director Emeritus of the Cutler Scholars Program
  • Dr. Robert "Bob" Stewart, Director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism
  • Dr. Robert Ingram, Associate Professor of History
  • Dr. Zaki Kuruppalil, Kraft Family Scholar/Associate Professor and Assistant Chair of Engineering Technology Management
  • Ms. Sharon Romina, Administrative Services Associate for the Cutler Scholars Program