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OHIO Business Service Center expands portfolio, increases service to OHIO community

Since January 2024, the OHIO Business Service Center (BSC) has expanded its portfolio to include Student Organizations, Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance, Ombudsman, Global Affairs (hiring), Space Planning, Legal Affairs, and Design and Construction. Each one of these units will engage with the BSC in at least one of the center’s focus areas of purchasing and travel, hiring, and/or financial operations. 

Additional new units are expected to join by Aug. 1. These units will join more than 50 other areas that are already working with the BSC in some capacity. Existing units include the Scripps College of Communication, University College, College of Arts and Sciences, Office of Information Technology, Division of Student Affairs, and many others.

“We are incredibly grateful for all the leaders on our campus who see the vision of what we can achieve by sharing processes and knowledge,” stated Heather Krugman, executive director of the OHIO Business Service Center. “Our customer satisfaction numbers stay above 90 percent while our staff are noted to be knowledgeable and focused on helping the faculty, staff and students they serve. In addition, we are beginning to see the benefits of this work through fewer errors and a quicker response time.” 

Improvements in the quality of work are illustrated by the recent reduction of Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance findings. Units using the BSC saw their findings reduced by more than 79 percent (FY23 through March – FY24 through March). 

“I believe this shows the impact we are having on our campus,” said Krugman. “The BSC staff are skilled professionals and I’m thrilled that we can share metrics to highlight the excellent work they do. In addition, we are collecting efficiency data and will be sharing details soon. I’m overwhelmingly pleased with our progress in a little over 18 months.”

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July 1, 2024
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