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OHIO faculty/staff members Greg Kessler and Melissa Kulp receive Fulbright Awards

Ohio University’s Melissa Kulp and Greg Kessler have been selected for prestigious Fulbright awards, offering them unique opportunities to expand their knowledge and enhance their expertise in education through distinct programs.

“I’m excited that Greg and Melissa will represent OHIO as Fulbright recipients and foster global understanding through education,” Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Sayrs said.

Kulp, assistant dean for Career and Student Success in the College of Business, was awarded the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program award for the International Education Administrators seminar program in Germany during Fall 2024. Currently, she oversees the center for Business Academic Advising and Career Services and supervises the academic advisors and career coaches that help guide business students’ academic and professional journeys.

While in Germany, Kulp will be participating in an intensive seminar where she will learn about the higher education system in Germany and the European Union. She will have the opportunity to visit a wide range of German universities and colleges, participate in briefings from faculty and administration at public and private higher education institutions, meet with leading educational experts and government officials, and learn how history and culture shapes the German education system.

According to Kulp, this Fulbright is designed to build one’s capacity for international education, gain a cross-cultural perspective, and open doors to collaboration with colleagues and students throughout Germany.

Kessler, a professor of Innovative Learning Design and Technology in the Patton College of Education, has been awarded the Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Digital Technologies and Sustainability. This prestigious award enables him to conduct research at the University of Calgary.

During Fall 2024, Kessler will focus on examining updated standards for teachers specifically designed for the settlement sector in Canada. Over the past year, he and his team have developed technology standards for English instructors working in Canadian settlement programs, funded by the Canadian government through New Language Solutions (NLS). These standards aim to support teachers in recognizing their existing technology knowledge and skills, as well as enhancing these across different professional domains. Kessler's research will provide insights into the implementation of these standards, addressing challenges such as infrastructure and digital divide issues, with a focus on teacher preparation and continuous improvement.

“I look forward to continuing to expand my work across Canada and provide instructors and teacher trainers with the support they need to innovate and enhance their teaching through the incorporation of emerging technologies,” Kessler said.

In addition to Kulp and Kessler’s Fulbright awards, eight OHIO students and alumni also received Fulbright awards this year

June 27, 2024
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