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Unveiling Next Witness...Please: a new podcast decoding law for the modern generation

Ever read a news story that had a legal term or procedure in it that was confusing, or something you simply did not understand? WOUB Public Media is launching a new podcast that will provide clarity. The goal of Next Witness... Please is to demystify the law. Hosted by retired judges Gayle William-Byers and Tom Hodson, this dynamic duo is on a mission to make legal jargon accessible and engaging for today's digitally savvy audience.

In a world filled with complex legal concepts, Next Witness... Please offers a refreshing take on understanding the law. Through lively discussions, relatable examples, and insightful perspectives, listeners will embark on an enlightening journey through the legal landscape.

"We're flipping the script on legal podcasts. No more stuffy lectures or boring legalese. With Next Witness... Please, we're bringing the law to life, one episode at a time," said Judge Hodson.

"We understand the importance of making information accessible. That's why we're here to make the law make sense to our listeners and empower them with practical knowledge that can be used in their daily lives," added Judge Williams-Byers.

From dissecting high-profile court cases to explaining fundamental legal principles, each episode of Next Witness... Please promises to inform, entertain, and inspire. Whether you're a law enthusiast or simply curious about how the legal system works, this podcast is for you.

You can listen to the podcast’s audio trailer here. The first episode of the podcast has already dropped and new episodes will be released weekly.

One reviewer said listening to the podcast was like listening to a sportscast of the law. They went on to say, “An excellent explanation of the legal processes and inside strategies in an easy-to-understand conversation between two pros. Just like listening to sportscasters, the professor and his longtime friend and colleague explaining the law with current event applications. I can’t wait for the next game, err episode.”

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May 10, 2024
Cheri Russo