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Ohio University leadership recommends work schedule flexibility for summer season

As we move into the University’s summer season between Spring and Fall semesters, division leaders and managers are encouraged to allow additional flexibility in work schedules.

Vice President of Human Resources Mary Elizabeth Miles said an analysis of vacation time shows that several hours of earned vacation time that will not roll over to the next fiscal year goes unused each year.

“We are encouraging managers to be as flexible as is reasonable to allow employees to utilize their earned vacation,” Miles said, “While summer is a peak period for some units, for many University employees the summer is an ideal time to take time off to rest and recharge.”

While the University’s business hours during the summer months will continue to be 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Miles said vacation time can be used creatively such as working shorter days or shorter weeks for a period of time or extending weekends in addition to more traditional vacation use.

In addition to encouraging vacation use, Miles said unit managers have the flexibility to make temporary changes to job schedules, such as allowing employees to work longer hours one day in the week and shorter hours on another day, as long as business activities are effectively covered during business hours. Unit managers should discuss schedule changes with their HR liaison to ensure equity in implementation.

May 10, 2024
Staff reports