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Community Engaged Scholars Training Program accepting applicants for Fall 2024

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at Ohio University is now recruiting faculty for the 2024 Fall Community Engaged Scholars Program. The program is a professional development training program focused on community engagement, a high impact practice of experiential learning. Interested faculty and staff can learn more and register here: Fall 2024 Program Registration.

The Community Engaged Scholars Program provides participants with an introduction to critical approaches to service-learning, with the intention to increase access to curricular community engagement across the institution. Participants in the program will review Ohio University’s policies regarding service-learning, learn how community engaged learning can be incorporated into a course curriculum, and be apprised of local community partners and how to implement best practices locally and globally.

“In community-based approaches, faculty get to go out and do some meaningful work and give students an opportunity to understand and learn some of the civic ethos that we want,” said CCE Faculty Fellow Dr. Mike Kopish, who leads the program. “It’s really focused on developing high quality citizens, which is a key goal of our institution.”

Kopish delivers the program in a hybrid model. Participants will meet in-person on the Athens campus in hour long sessions on the first Friday of every month during fall semester and review self-guided online modules between cohort meetings.

“The best part of the program was the chance to workshop with colleagues—to get immediate and thoughtful feedback from various perspectives on my ideas, to find my blind spots, and to gain inspiration from seeing what others were working on,” said Dr. Greg Newton, interim associate dean of the Graduate College, who is an alumnus of the program. “I also found it helpful to just have an incentive to carve out the space to think through the design process in a more holistic and structured way than I had previously.”

By participating in thought provoking online modules, rich discussions, and collaborations with experts, community engaged scholars will develop capacity for community engaged teaching with transformative curriculum and expertise in community engaged scholarly activity that strengthen our democracy and contribute to the public good. C-Courses qualify for the OHIO Honors Program's curriculum requirements, General Education Learning and Doing Credit, and align with Guarantee+.

Please reach out to CCE Faculty Fellow Kopish with questions at

May 14, 2024
Staff reports