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Go passwordless with new Microsoft Authenticator app

Microsoft has a simple and more secure feature with its Microsoft Authenticator app; the option to go passwordless when logging in to your account.

Passwordless authentication is an innovative approach to confirming a user's identity without relying on conventional passwords. Instead, it employs alternative authentication methods such as biometrics (for example fingerprints or facial recognition) or dynamic one-time passwords delivered through email, SMS, or authenticator apps. 

Passwordless authentication is more secure than password-based authentication because it reduces reliance on vulnerable passwords, resists phishing attacks, and supports stronger authentication factors like biometrics.

For OHIO users of the Microsoft Authenticator app, once you enable passwordless authentication, you will be asked to authenticate your login using number matching and the biometrics associated with your mobile device, bypassing the vulnerabilities inherent with vulnerable passwords. Once you have passwordless authentication enabled, you will no longer need to enter your password when logging into your OHIO account.  

Read more about setting up passwordless authentication for your account.

January 18, 2024
Staff reports