Reminder for faculty, staff about best practices for OHIO vehicles

Published: September 22, 2023 Author: Staff reports

As the 2023-2024 academic year gets underway, Transportation and Parking Services in conjunction with Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance would like to share guidance pertaining to appropriate use and documentation requirements for the operation of Ohio University vehicles. 

The campus community is encouraged to carefully review University policy 47.001 and best practice considerations below which outline the safety, procurement, operation, maintenance, and disposition obligations for University owned and operated vehicles. 

Appropriate and legal use: As provided in 47.001(C), the planning unit head to which the vehicle is assigned, or his or her designee, has the responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is used for official University business. 

The University is not financially responsible for traffic, parking, toll, or moving infractions incurred by individuals using its vehicles and the responsibility for all penalties for said violations is assumed by the vehicle operator. The assigned department is responsible for establishing a system for knowing and documenting all driving activity associated with each assigned vehicle. 

Vehicle mishaps and crashes: Per 47.001(D), drivers of vehicles are responsible for the proper care of the vehicle while in their possession. An automobile insurance packet, containing an insurance card and a copy of the "Ohio University Vehicle Crash Report Form" (OUVCRF) shall be in each vehicle. In the event of a mishap or crash the OUVCRF form must be completed and returned to Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) or e-mailed to immediately upon the vehicles return to campus. 

Driver training, selection, and evaluation: The planning unit head, or designee, must establish a system that verifies that all drivers possess a valid US driver's license and that their driving history reflects safe behavior behind the wheel. Employing departments shall check the driving history of all persons who will be operating University vehicles (this includes both service vehicles and University fleet rental vehicle requests), going back two years prior to initial operation of a University vehicle, and annually thereafter. The employing department is responsible for all aspects of these checks. If a driving record reflects repeated unsafe behavior, the employing department should not allow the driver in question to operate University vehicles.  

Vehicle repairs, inspections, and service: As described at 47.001 (F), servicing of University vehicles is provided by TPS. Annual safety inspections shall be performed on all University vehicles. Departments are responsible for ensuring that they coordinate routine maintenance and annual inspection needs with TPS for University vehicles.  

Fueling access: University owned vehicles needing fueling access on and off campus should coordinate with TPS for appropriate fuel cards/keys by e-mailing to support on-site and off campus fueling efforts. The OHIO fueling station should be the primary source for fueling access. Voyager cards will be provided and should be utilized for off-campus fueling needs when traveling outside of Athens. 

Vehicle acquisitions/dispositions: Departments wishing to purchase or dispose of vehicles or licensed equipment including utility vehicles, golf carts, and trailers should follow established vehicle acquisition and disposition procedures.

For questions related to vehicle rental, maintenance, and fueling needs please contact, for questions related to insurance and risk management please contact