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Macey Power finds her purpose in helping others find theirs

Growing up in the small town of Mount Sterling, Ohio, Macey Power always dreamed of attending Ohio University. She vividly recalls accompanying her grandfather to basketball tournament games and visiting friends who attended the University. The allure of the college campus experience was irresistible, and she knew OHIO was where she belonged.

Power started her college career at Ohio University in 2012. Her initial college experience did not match up with her expectations, so she changed direction more than once, but now her journey has come full circle as she finds herself back at Ohio University, on the Chillicothe campus, sharing her story as a mentor for students and entrepreneurs through her work with EPIC (Empowering Young Professionals in Chillicothe) and the RePower Appalachia--Ross County Business Pitch Competition.

A certified life coach, Power is passionate about helping other people, especially those who might feel stuck, lost, or in need of change. She believes she has found her purpose in helping others, but her path was not always clear.

Arriving at OHIO in 2012, Power was excited but undecided about her major. Her excitement waned as she struggled to make friends and began unhealthy habits to cope with loneliness.

By the end of her first year, Power had returned home, questioning whether to continue her education or seek an alternative path. She moved to Grove City and commuted to Ohio University Lancaster, before taking her grandmother’s suggestion to move to Chillicothe and finish her degree at Ohio University Chillicothe.

Though her college career got off to a rocky start, Power was able to step back, reevaluate and make the course corrections needed to follow the path that would serve and support her.

Once she relocated to OHIO Chillicothe, she selected the Health Services Administration major, knowing the healthcare field offered stability and growth potential. As a student at OHIO Chillicothe, Power secured a marketing internship at Adena Regional Medical Center and leveraged that experience to secure a full-time job there after graduation.

“I fell in love with Chillicothe,” Power said. “l got really integrated into the community and I've been here for eight years now.”

Despite attaining success in her marketing role at Adena, she felt unfulfilled and stressed, realizing that her definition of success needed to evolve.

The pandemic brought significant changes, allowing her to reflect on her life and passions. She decided to start a freelance marketing business, but still found herself searching for something more meaningful. This soul-searching led her to become a certified life coach, and in March 2022, she took a leap of faith and quit her job at Adena to become a full-time coach.

As a life coach, Power thrives on helping others find their purpose and navigate life's challenges. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and practices what she preaches, prioritizing her well-being daily.

When she is not coaching others, she enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, gardening, and traveling to destinations all over. Her self-care practices also include journaling, exercising, listening to music, and fostering personal connections.

Power said she learned many valuable skills as an Ohio University student, from time management and accountability to collaboration and project management.  

“I learned so much about business, finance, economics and marketing,” she said.

Alongside her coaching work, Power is dedicated to supporting other young entrepreneurs and professionals as the president of EPIC (Empowering Young Professionals in Chillicothe). Through this organization, she aims to help young professionals build networks and connections that can lead to fulfilling careers in the area. She advises young professionals to seek connections and embrace opportunities, even if they seem insignificant at first.

Anna Armistead, program coordinator for the Hope Partnership and a senior at Ohio University Chillicothe, is thankful for the mentorship Power has provided her.

“Macey's mentorship, encouragement, and willingness to connect me more with not only myself and my capabilities but also the community of Chillicothe has been instrumental in my growth as a young professional,” Armistead said. “Macey has been a mentor in every sense of the word. She has patiently listened to my aspirations, doubts, and fears, offering invaluable insights and guidance. Her wisdom and experience have been a compass steering me in the right direction even when I felt lost. She has not only been a mentor of mine but one of my very best friends.” 

Power’s passion for coaching extends to her plans for a nonprofit called "Not Your Mother's Support Group," which will provide mentorship and inspiration for women in the community.

“I want to continue to give back to women in Ross County and surrounding areas,” Power said.

Reflecting on her journey, Power is grateful for her mentors, including her family, local entrepreneurs like Jade Berry and Tara Gillum, the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce staff, and OHIO Chillicothe Associate Professor Tanya Hire. Power said Susan Shea, who taught at OHIO Lancaster, helped support her transition between campuses and into her job at Adena. She is also thankful to Mike McCorkle, who was her supervisor at Adena, for teaching her about marketing.

For those seeking guidance or support, Macey offers a free session to connect and explore their paths. To learn more about her coaching services, visit, email or find her on Facebook.

September 18, 2023
Staff reports