Registration now open for Bobcat Academy summer youth workshops

Published: March 30, 2023 Author: Staff reports

When local school districts dismiss students for their long-awaited summer break, Ohio University Southern will offer a host of opportunities for engagement and learning for those eight and up. Eight different workshops covering a range of interests will be offered throughout June and July. 

“Given the challenges of the past few years, this summer is an important time to provide our young people with fun, engaging and relevant opportunities to learn and grow,” said Robert Pleasant, director of student services at OHIO Southern.

The workshops range from Bobcat Strong, which helps attendees learn more about exercise and explore a variety of fitness and wellness techniques, to Measure the Height of a Tree, where students will use objects such as a piece of paper and shadows to find the height of a tree.

“Through these workshops, students can explore future career options, make connections with Ohio University Southern faculty and staff, and foster a love of learning and creativity that can help guide them in the future,” said Pleasant.

A fan favorite over the years has been The Science of the Wizard World workshop, in which students are able to spend each day in a “wizarding school” where they conduct experiments, make crafts, do activities and, of course, watch clips from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. With elements of biology, chemistry and physics being taught throughout the course, it’s as educational as it is fun.

If students would prefer to hone their artistic skills, they can join the Photo Editing Workshop.

An image of a cat in a formal suit
An image from the Photo Editing Workshop that is part of the Bobcat Academy.

“I hope it’s something they find fun,” said workshop facilitator Mike Donley, OHIO Southern IT coordinator. “You just open a whole new door to creativity – you can do so many things with it,” he said of learning Photoshop and similar programs. 

One of the examples Donley shared of projects students will complete over the course of the workshop is taking a photo of an animal and editing it with another, such as a photo of a human. For example, students could create an image of a cat in a formal suit. “You get an idea of an image you want to create, and you can just hop on the computer and do it. It just frees up your creativity.”

For those more interested in a culinary adventure, Shannon Frazee, OHIO Southern Education graduate, will be facilitating Bobcat Academy Cooking.

“We do kid friendly recipes, teach them cooking skills, knife skills, kitchen safety and meals they can make on their own,” said Frazee.

Those interested in the medical field can register for Nursing 101, led by members OHIO Southern’s nursing staff. Attendees will leave with skills like knowing how to hold a baby properly, give CPR and use an AED device.

Writer Eric Brown will be facilitating two workshops. The first, Playing with Plays, will allow students to use their imaginations and perform a shortened version of Treasure Island complete with props, costumes and more. In the second, High School Journalism Workshop, he will bring professionals from the worlds of radio/podcasting, television and print to help kickstart a journey in journalism while developing skills.

For more information on the 2023 Bobcat Academy workshops or to register, visit the Bobcat Academy website. Registration is open through May 31, and space is limited.