Students share excitement ahead of annual 48-Hour Shootout short film competition

Published: February 6, 2023 Author: Paige Reagan

Every spring semester the School of Media Arts and Studies holds a short film competition amongst the students. Small groups of students have 48 hours to write, film, and produce a short film. Each group is randomly assigned a genre, line of dialogue, and a prop that they must include in their film. 

This year, the competition will begin on Friday, Feb. 10, and end at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12. The competition finishes with a screening in Schoonover 145 of all the produced and submitted short films. Students can also stream the premiere.

The following are some thoughts shared by a few students participating in this year’s competition on the long-running event and experiential learning opportunity.

Sydney Hosek is an integrated media major with a film minor. 

PR: Why do you want to participate in the 48-Hour Shootout?
SH: I'm especially excited to participate this year with it being my final semester. It's a fun challenge, even without the competitive aspect. So much can change within 48 hours, so you really can't have any expectations going in. The sky is the limit with what you could make, and I love being a part of that process.

PR: What is your previous experience with the shootout?
SH: I've been both a participant and student producer for the past two years. A student producer essentially helps organize the competition — sets rules, develops a theme for the year, generates creative guidelines like props, genre, and lines of dialogue, as well as assists in the screening of the submitted shorts.

PR: What would you tell students who are considering signing up? 
SH: Whether you're a freshman, someone new to the School of Media Arts and Studies (MDIA), or someone interested in film—I'd say it's a great way to make friends and memories. Every time I take on a new project, especially on set, I learn something new. The 48-Hour Shootout is just a mini version of that. So, for MDIA students, I'd say it pushes you to think creatively and teaches you how to problem solve (fast). With that time restraint of 48 hours, it's a great way to hone in on developing those skills. And there's something tangible to show for it. Not to mention it's fun! You could also go in knowing nothing and still get a lot out of the experience. Plus...who doesn't like to win?

Eddit Umsted is a sophomore media arts production major with a film minor. 

PR: What are you studying? 
EU: I’m using these course paths to help me grow my skills to create and work with other passionate students and professionals on powerful stories to share with the world. Everyone has a unique perspective, and like many arts-related students, I feel the need to share mine.

PR: Why do you want to participate in the 48-Hour Shootout?
EU: I want to participate in the 48-Hour Shootout for a multitude of reasons. There are plenty of amazingly talented students who are eager to meet new people and form great connections during the competition. I understand and value the opportunity to meet and learn from my peers in this aspect. The 48-Hour Shootout is a profound opportunity to gain real experience with all the processes (pre-production, production, post-production, etc.) involved in creating a story and sharing it. Whether it is soft skills or hard skills, the competition will challenge me and allow me to grow in ways that will be a lasting influence on my passions and career. And finally, the 48-Hour Shootout will be a fantastic amount of fun!

Zoe Harrison is a media arts production major. 

PR: Why do you want to participate in the 48-Hour Shootout?
ZH: I have never worked on a project like this before, so I am excited to be a part of the filmmaking process for the first time.

For more information, visit the 48-Hour Shootout page.