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Beale aims to support mental health and wellness of engineering students through Wellness Seminar

“If we are aware of a mental health concern we might have, then we can get on the right track to find help,” said Tracy Beale, third-year civil engineering student. 
For Beale, finding resources to tackle mental health challenges has been a goal that has transcended beyond his own needs. He has identified a need to talk more openly about mental health and wellness across the population but has been able to focus in on his own community — students in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.

On Feb. 18, 2023, Beale has planned the Russ College of Engineering and Technology Wellness Seminar, which will host five free sessions in creating healthy habits, stress management, suicide awareness, maximizing learning and time management. The day will conclude with a motivational speaker and free lunch will be provided for attendees. While Russ College students are encouraged to attend to learn about strategies and resources to cope with and conquer mental health challenges, all are welcome to attend.  

“Students are not alone; there are students who deal with mental health issues on a day-to-day basis, and I would love for my fellow students to be aware of and actively suggest different resources the university has,” said Beale.  

Beale has developed this seminar as part of his Summit Project as a venturing scout for the Muskingum Valley Council. Traditionally, Summit Projects are leadership and community service projects that often result in brick-and-mortar projects, such as building a bus stop shelter or constructing a playground. Beale saw a need to boost wellness education for the OHIO student body and embraced an opportunity to plan a project around a need he was passionate about — mental health.  

“There has been a stigma attached to mental health problems and there has been a shift to remove this stigma in recent years. I would like to continue this trend and make everyone feel welcome and make sure they are aware of any resource they need,” said Beale.  

While Beale has created this seminar to complete his Summit Project, his primary reason for organizing it is to support his fellow students. As someone who personally deals with anxiety, Beale recognizes that creating healthy habits and identifying a support system and resources has been the key to his success.  

“The most important takeaway from this event would be for my fellow students to not be afraid to ask for help when they need it,” said Beale.  

If you are an Ohio University student who needs access to mental health resources, Counseling and Psychological Services is a helpful place to start.  

Learn more about the Russ College of Engineering and Technology Wellness Seminar.

February 7, 2023
Chloe Musick