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Fall Grad Spotlight: Ashley Rogers

Ashley Rogers is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology

What are your next steps or plans for the future?
I will be starting my career as a technical recruiter at Actalent in Northeast, Ohio. 

What memory stands out from your time at OHIO?
A memory that stands out to me is living with five of my friends from my learning community during my sophomore year and having movie nights in our common area of our residence hall mod.

Why did you choose OHIO? 
I chose OHIO because I fell in love with the campus as soon as I stepped onto it and knew that I had to attend OHIO from my first visit to see the gorgeous campus.

Who were your favorite professors and how did they make an impact on your life?
My two favorite professors have been Cody Petitt and Dr. Timothy Cyders. They have both made a huge impact on my life in different ways. Dr. Cyders helped me to get out of my comfort zone and become more comfortable asking questions and going to professors for help. Cody was always a great professor to go to with any questions that I may have or to talk to about things. Cody helped to make my time in the program less stressful and helped me to grow into the student and person that I have become. He also helped me to get out of my comfort zone and take on new things that would help me to grow as a person.

What was the hardest hill you had to climb (not counting Jeff Hill) at OHIO? How did you overcome challenges or obstacles in your path?
The hardest hill that I had to climb at OHIO was getting through a couple of classes in the mechanical engineering program. I overcame these challenges and obstacles by going to professors for help, reaching out to classmates to study together, and putting extra time into the courses that gave me trouble.

What are your favorite OHIO memories?
My favorite OHIO memories are attending football games, homecoming events, and hockey games, being a Peer Tutor, and being a Learning Community Leader.

What’s the one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss?
I would tell new OHIO students to not miss going to a hockey game.

November 21, 2022
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