Reduce authentication requests with Microsoft Azure

Published: September 14, 2022 Author: Staff reports

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced an update on Wednesday, Sept. 14, that allows users to extend the length of time between Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) sessions from 30 to 90 days.

As long as your log-in location does not change, users who opt to be remembered for 90 days will only be prompted to authenticate once every three months, which should reduce the overall number of MFA authentication pushes that a user receives for Microsoft Office desktop and mobile apps. 

The change was made to align MFA “remember me” settings with Microsoft Office 365 desktop and mobile applications that prompt for a username and password every 90 days. This should prevent users from receiving an ambiguous Azure MFA prompt without a username and password every 30 days. 

“We want our users to understand which application requests the MFA prompt. MFA is our best defense to prevent unauthorized access to your account. When a user gets an unexpected MFA prompt, they should deny it and review which application requested it using the Microsoft Authenticator app by selecting Ohio University and Review Recent Activity.” – said Chris Hayes, manager of Enterprise Middleware and Integration.

There are still some occasions where Microsoft Azure MFA may require users to authenticate prior to the 90-day mark. To check your browser settings and ensure your account is set up to receive fewer authentication pushes, review the article, "Changing the settings on Azure Multi-Factor Authentication." If you experience an issue or need assistance, contact the IT Service Desk.   

All OHIO students have officially migrated to Microsoft Azure MFA in place of Duo Mobile as the preferred MFA application. During the fall semester, all OHIO faculty and staff will begin migrating to Microsoft Azure MFA in a phased approach. OIT encourages faculty and staff to become early adopters and opt-in to Azure MFA at your earliest convenience.

Enrollment instructions can be found in the article, "Enrolling in Azure Multi-Factor Authentication." To reduce enrollment time, ensure you have both your laptop and either a mobile device or work phone to complete the process. It is also encouraged to select a date and time to enroll when you do not need immediate access to your accounts in case you need assistance from the IT Service Desk to complete enrollment.