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Division of Student Affairs recognizes employees' years of service

Published: June 26, 2022 Author: Isabella Pennese

Ohio University takes great pride in our institution. The University is proud of the distinguished history and heritage, the beautiful campus, and the renowned reputation of our staff.

Employees within the Division of Student Affairs had great successes and challenges this past year. These included spearheading large projects and program implementation, providing outstanding student support services, managing the challenges that COVID-19 presented, lending support in times of crisis, and performing position roles and responsibilities beyond the scope of their traditional responsibilities.

“I have had the privilege of working with several different departments on campus during my time at OHIO. My favorite part about all those experiences is the synergy and success that develops when there is intentional collaboration,” said Elizabeth Pahl, who is celebrating 10 years of service to the University.

Collectively and individually, each employee has accomplished so much over the past fiscal year and their hard work and commitment to the OHIO community do not go unnoticed.

“I truly appreciate the commitment that staff have made to their work over the years to the Division and to the University. OHIO’s strength and quality are built on these commitments,” said Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Terry Hogan.

For many, as the fiscal year comes to a close, it commemorates a milestone in their years of service to the University. To celebrate their hard work and dedication of its employees, the Division of Student Affairs would like to recognize 35 remarkable staff members.

Congratulations to these employees who have continuously demonstrated the Division’s core values and contributed to the University’s mission:

5 years
Caitlin Oiler
Brittany Barten
Scott Hardy
Kellee Steffen
Chelsa Morahan
Adam Dannaher
Kyla Brady
Erin Wooten
Shannon Rogers
Bonnie White
Corey Sharpe
Adam Grimm
Trendal Nataly
Charles Wagers
Lisa Canode
Kristin Waltz
Mychael Ihna

10 years
Elizabeth Pahl
Larrissa Becker
Kelley Dotson

15 years
Alvena Collins
Margaret Baker
Phillip Staten
Michelle Pride

20 years
Ginger Good
Joseph Wakeley III

25 years
Diana Schoonover
Lori Walter
Carol Brown
Jacque Rock
Dennis Washington

30 years 
James Sand
Veronica Hixson

35 years
William Schall
Christine Reghetti-Feyler 

“OHIO has become a second home for me. What has kept me coming back, even after leaving for a little while, is the people and the community of Athens,” said Caitlin Oiler, who is celebrating five years of service. “I could say that the soil here gave me good roots, and I’ve been able to continue growing throughout my time at OHIO.”

For those employees who are enjoying the beginning of their journey at OHIO, Pahl offers a word of advice.

“Get out of your comfort zone. Meet up with folks in different departments for coffee or lunch. Take the effort to get to know your colleagues and find out how your work intertwines with other areas,” Pahl said.

 “There is a big support team here of folks that want to get to know you, support you, and help you achieve your goals,” Oiler added.

The Division of Student Affairs is proud to commemorate its great employees who continue to foster an inclusive, welcoming workplace year after year.