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External email notification improvements coming May 9

Published: May 4, 2022 Author: Staff reports

Notifications on emails sent from outside Ohio University will have an updated look on Monday, May 9, in response to feedback and pilot testing over the last several months. 

The changes, which include a smaller yellow banner across the top of emails and an [External] tag in the subject line, are designed to make notifications less disruptive to the email experience while still providing ample warning of potentially deceptive emails.


Use caution with links and attachments
The updated external email banner. Subject lines will also indicate external emails with an [External] tag.

The external email banners and subject tags were first introduced in November 2021 and include warnings on all emails originating from outside of the University. The warning is designed to reduce phishing attacks that trick users into disclosing sensitive information. Phishing emails often mimic official University communications and seek to deceive recipients with misleading links or attachments that install malicious software.