Athens campus residential students to test before Spring Semester arrival

Published: November 9, 2021 Author: Staff reports

The University will require students who live in residence halls to take an at-home COVID-19 test before returning for Spring Semester. Because the highly infectious nature of COVID takes advantage of congregate living settings, putting this precaution in place will help prevent any potential outbreaks.

At-home Vault Health COVID-19 test kits will be available for students who live in residence halls to pick up in their halls beginning Nov. 19. Those students will receive emails from COVID Operations and communications from in-hall staff about when, how and where to pick up the tests. The kits will contain instructions for taking a Vault Health test at home, supervised via Zoom.

Students who live off campus are encouraged to take advantage of asymptomatic testing options when they return to school after winter break to keep their roommates and friends safe from potential virus transmission.